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    OKI MB491 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, April 14, 9:26:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-04-14T16:26:40Z
    Scanning and Printer Support

    OKI MB491 Driver

    OKI MB491 Printer Driver Download. Due to the price of the offered functions, I have chosen this OKI MB491 printer. The conversion of the panel language and the quite technical attitude on the web interface I think is fine, but you should be technically well prepared. After startup there was no AirPrint functionality. This is in the technical data sheet on the homepage of the manufacturer. A call to the hotline confirmed this fact, since the firmware of my device was too old. In order to start a free technician assignment, I had to give my request a certain emphasis. The OKI MB491 firmware can not be updated independently. OKI does not trust the user. Here I would have been many times faster than the technician.

    OKI MB491 Printer Installer
    The firmware is now up to date, AirPrint works. The energy-saving features do not convince me completely, a waking up from the "deep sleep phase" to the first pressure takes me a little too long. Until I return to the first energy-saving stage, the device is too loud for me. Also, the printing / scanning is not the quietest. Occupationally I have the direct comparison to other manufacturers and their devices in this price range. Printed image is very clean, it is a full toner cartridge, which is not self-evident today. Scan to SMB works fine. Configuration of Fax to Mail and a test of further technical details is pending. Since I like the LED technology of OKI (according to Ökotest in the office to be environmentally friendly) and I'm used to OKI printer, I get along well with the device.

    OKI MB491 Drivers Download

    OKI MB491 Driver Download

    Driver Printer OKI MB491 Download
    OKI MB491 operation is easy, but the display language and menu guide is only in English (not changeable), the user manual is quite complicated and, biggest problem: I wanted to load a current driver from the OKI site and the bottom is not accessible, permanent clogged. How can it be that OKI programmed such strange homepages? But this OKI MB491 printer is a good device, description complicated, operation partly awkward, customer service quite friendly, but could not explain very well. Very fast, full printer. The OKI MB491 printer is very fast and has very interesting features such as Scan to Mail or Receive Mail (attachments will be printed). The manuals should indeed be better, especially clear and all in all, a very good device.

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