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    Samsung ML-2010 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, July 18, 1:49:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-07-18T08:49:55Z
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    Printer Driver Download Samsung ML-2010

    Samsung ML-2010 Printer Driver Download. I've been an awfully satisfied user of a Samsung ML-1210 laser printer for a few years. Samsung rather had made a repute for manufacturing high-great low priced laser printers, and my ML-1210 was once a major illustration of Samsung's awareness to design and value. So once I urgently wanted a new laser printer after a up to date transfer, I might not wait except my ML-1210 arrived with the rest of my belongings, and bought an ML-2010 instantly. In spite of everything, it was a Samsung design and most often an growth over my trusty ML-1210.

    Samsung ML-2010 Printer Driver Download
    What a giant disappointment. After I go by means of the studies right here at Amazon, i realized that almost all of persons praise the printer for being cheap. These folks undoubtedly on no account used a previous iteration Samsung laser printer, considering there truly was once a time when Samsung made pleasant affordable printers, and there simply were low-cost Samsung printers that were quality in each facet. Lamentably the ML-2010 isn't one of these good Samsung printers.

    Samsung ML-2010 Drivers Download

    Samsung ML-2010

    Printer Driver Samsung ML-2010 Download
    I need to admit that the installation is far simpler and Samsung has to receive credit score for concentration to Mac and Linux compatibility(simply use Samsung ML-1710 drivers for Linux). But this is about the only excellent feature of the ML-2010. Individually, its shortcomings are: The reviewers who whinge concerning the noise are correct, men and women. We're now not exaggerating, this printer emits an exceptional sound in the course of the warm-up interval, and an awfully noisy cooling fan keeps whining for minutes. In contrast, my ML-1210 was extremely quiet. Samsung engineers fairly dropped the ball right here.

    Driver Printer Download Samsung ML-2010
    I feel the addition of the noise cooling fan was due to the needless push for the spectacular 22ppm printing velocity and the sizzling printing engine essential for these speeds. The monochrome laser printer Samsung ML-2010 form packages quickly professional quality printing at speeds up to 22 pages per minute and a departure time of the first sheet of less than 10 seconds. It is suitable for home or small office, has a first-rate performance, user-friendly features and striking design. Its characteristic Toner Save (Save Toner) extends the cartridge life up to 40%, while still producing high quality prints. The front panel access for changing the toner and the paper in a heartbeat.

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