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    Canon imageCLASS MF6160DW Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, July 22, 12:29:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-07-22T07:29:37Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Free Canon imageCLASS MF6160DW Driver Download

    Canon imageCLASS MF6160DW Printer Driver Download. Canon imageCLASS MF6160DW is a very good workmanship, makes a very robust impression, the design I find in contrast to the predecessor very appealing, operation with touch screen works contrary to my expectations and the previous reviews very well. Canon imageCLASS MF6160DW print quality very good and very fast response times (90 sec for the first Page if the printer is off, 20 sec when it is in standby). Scan via mail, duplex, etc. Everything works fine. Approximately 5 minutes after the last pressure a fan starts to hum with 31 dbA. In the office, the noise may not bother you, but at home it does.

    The fan is a Nidec D08K-24TU (24V). This is unnecessarily loud in my opinion and should be replaced by Canon in the future. Noctua fans achieve the same performance at a quarter of the volume, if not less. However, these are operated with 12 V, otherwise I would have long replaced the fan. Despite these negative aspects, I am very satisfied with the printer as a whole. Canon imageCLASS MF6160DW is now more than 1.5 years in use and still works flawlessly. After about 800 printed pages, there was the first warning about an empty toner cartridge. Canon imageCLASS MF6160DW also denied further prints. Reason: Print quality can no longer be guaranteed. Fortunately, this (completely meaningless) blockade can be easily disabled in the settings.

    Canon imageCLASS MF6160DW Drivers Download

    Canon imageCLASS MF6160DW Driver Download

    Download Driver Canon imageCLASS MF6160dw
    The startup toner now has 1200 color prints (mostly documents with graphics) and 500 sw-prints. Meanwhile, all cartridges are displayed as completely empty. But there are no quality losses recognizable. With regard to the printed image, the speed, etc., I can be very brief: very good. Nevertheless, I give a star because the device in the office everyday quite on the nerves saws: it often calibrates and it cleans itself frequently. That's good, you might think. As a matter of fact. The fun stops, for example, if you want to print or scan 3 pages, and the cattle on page 2 think to have to clean or calibrate, which takes about 1-2 minutes each time. As long as the current print job is interrupted. It can happen that when printing 100 pages, the process pauses several times. In addition, this process is quite loud. If someone wants to use the device in the one-room office, they can forget phone calls, because suddenly a cleaning process is started again. I had to pull the plug repeatedly to be able to continue talking on the phone undisturbed. As now after 2 years (yes, I have shown so much patience) the roles have started to show drones and squeaks as well as scans on the automatic collection unwanted stripes, I decided to split. For those who have a soundproof extra space for this machine or are deaf and have a lot of time, the following applies: Purchase recommendation for 2 years use.
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