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    HP LaserJet Pro M476DW Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, July 22, 12:25:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-07-22T07:25:32Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Free HP LaserJet Pro M476DW Driver Download

    HP LaserJet Pro M476DW Printer Driver Download. The following were my first impressions after putting the printer into operation. Below is an update after 2 weeks of use. The HP LaserJet Pro M476DW printer looks very robust. The feeder I tried the same time, with all sorts of stacks of paper, where not all the leaves were very smooth, so far, he has pulled everything in wonderful. The duplex copies are super-practical, just throw in the whole stack of double-sided or one-sided printed templates and off the post. If you want to scan a lot with high resolution, you should keep in mind that this only works on the glass plate and only on the PC. The feed scanner in the document feeder can only print 300 dpi. I can live with that, but I have already criticized it. The power consumption in the auto-off is very low (about 1 watt), this will be the first printer that I will not turn off after use (at home). As a result, the device is extremely quickly ready again when you need it.

    Deductions for the somewhat awkward touchscreen operation. For example, the function ID-Copy for copying both pages of a badge on a sheet may be quite practical, but why of all this feature has a place of honor on the main page of the copy menu, while you have to select one-sided / two-sided only in the settings , then turn down twice, then 'two-sided' and then select the mode, HP should explain to me please. a button that quibbles the three 'two-sided' modes on the main page would be a lot more convenient than the ID copy feature you need once a year. As far as my first impressions, for 4 stars it is definitely enough.

    Download HP LaserJet Pro M476DW Drivers Download

    Download Driver Printer HP LaserJet Pro M476dw

    Download Driver Printer HP LaserJet pro M476dw
    The feeder has so far digested all the stacks of paper that I threw into it. However, it can happen that the scans can easily go wrong. Nevertheless, so I've rarely seen so far, completely stress-free, so far no paper jam.

    Overall, I find some features quite handy, such as double-sided copying in one pass or scanning to a network folder. Template stack in, select options, done. But the touchscreen operation should thoroughly review HP. The tedious switch to double-sided copying, I have already mentioned. But even when scanning, there is still much to improve:

    In the scan menu, the current settings are displayed in a list only to change something you have to first go to settings and there appear the same options in a different list, only this time with the ability to change. That could be done in the scan menu but everything. And why do I have to select after the selection of "Scan to Network Folder" every time the folder, if there is only one? Etc. etc. I know, these are just minor things, but it would just be so much better. Overall, the operation seems as if engineers have tinkered so that you can somehow already serve everything. But they completely forgot to take a look at the typical work processes and to make often needed options quickly accessible. Keyword usability. It lacks a long way. But somehow it works, so I stay with the 4 stars.
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