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    Lexmark MX511DE Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, July 18, 1:11:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-07-18T08:11:39Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Lexmark MX511DE

    Lexmark MX511DE Printer Driver Download. Yes this is a pleasant printer, and I hate to whom duplicate this blog, i hope he failed and die. This printer is very Quiet; Some great issues; does not participate in As marketed. I wanted to switch my older multifunction printer, and had been advocated the Lexmark manufacturer through only some people i know. Whilst distinct from the Brother, Xerox, and HP printers i've already acquired in my position of industry, I went with the MX511de seeing that it supplied the features that I wanted -- 600dpi scanning, authorized-measurement flatbed scanner, fax, duplex, network, the works.

    Driver Download Lexmark MX511DE Installer
    As a copier, the unit appears to work very good, and it is most likely speedy, which is what we desired. However, we quickly bumped into a few critical shortcomings that precipitated some problems. The primary situation confirmed up with respect to print fine. One of the critical gadgets that we print are PDF records of small text, that are then scaled down into booklet kind. My HP LaserJet 4M+ (a.Adequate.A. "the "tank") does an excessive-best job with these records, even though the output from this 1993 printer is rather gradual for my desires. However, printing the identical record on the brand new MX511de was once loads turbo, but it definitely tested VERY unhealthy print first-rate.

    Lexmark MX511DE Drivers Download

    Lexmark MX511DE Driver Download

    Printer Driver Lexmark MX511DE Download for Window/Mac/Linux
    The fonts have been ragged. The tops of the letters have been lessen off. It conveniently seemed NASTY, and was once unusable for our wants. I went again to the tank for printing these files! After doing a little digging, I placed that the default printer pleasant for the intent force is "1200 IQ" (something that means). I additional found out that if I converted the first-rate to "1200 dpi", the printer real gave me readable records. Why the 1200 IQ could not outperform the 600dpi LaserJet from 1993, I wouldn't have any thought. It can be another step to get readable high-quality print, but anything that wasn't too detrimental.

    Driver Printer Lexmark MX511DE Download
    The precise kicker acquired here after I had to make use of the scanner feature. One in every of my projects is to scan print pics into digital files. I take advantage of a form of apparatus, at the side of a PlusTek slide/bad scanner for slides & negatives and a Kodak ScanStation 500 for many print photographs. Nonetheless, some historical pix from the 50's and 60's are too small to feed by means of the Kodak, and that i wanted a usable flatbed scanner. In the past, my Brother MFC used to be capable to do an admirable job of covering this project for me. I comfortably load up the photos on the flatbed, run the scan, after which damage up the giant file apart on my pc into smaller pics and do all the submit-creation cleanup. After I purchased the MX511de, I specially verified this previous than I spent the $$. Authorized dimension scan floor? Assess! 600dpi scanning? Determine!

    Support: Lexmark MX511DE/Lexmark MX511DTE/Lexmark MX511DHE
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