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    Samsung ML-3710ND Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, March 5, 7:20:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2016-11-27T16:17:43Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Samsung ML-3710ND

    Samsung ML-3710ND Printer Driver Download. I bought this unit a month or two in the past it installed with ease and it prints fine. Alas it now jams intermittently possibly on natural as quickly as each few days. The jam is on the exit from the rear onto the highest tray but when not obvious further sheets on the other hand-up and in addition you emerge as with at least three scrumpled up bits of paper in the computing device. It's really straight-ahead to do away with them however an actual drag. It has jammed twice in these days which has so pissed off i'm writing this review to warn all others poor saps who would bear in mind this unit. It can be now too late to ship again so i'll ought to junk the unit and go back to HP who in any case recognize  make a printer that can manage paper!

    Driver Download Samsung ML-3710ND Printer Installer
    And on further investigation there is a black comb-like hinged piece of plastic connected to the rear duvet. On getting rid of this the printer does not jam as so much. It now jams potentially most strong once a month so in case you are suffering from paper jams try taking out this as I did: it's a form of work-circular that labored for me.

    Samsung ML-3710ND Driver Installer Download
    Samsung ML-3710ND Driver Download

    Printer Driver Samsung ML-3710ND Download
    This piece has whatever thing to do with double-sided printing as this now not works. However as that is doubtless one of the most capabilities i do not use i'll are living with it. I've stored the piece in case it's wanted for double-sided where case i can without problems re-set up. Excellent the development was once quick lived and at the same time nonetheless higher without the black comb bit it nonetheless jams more often than not and this isn't a fit-for-reason unit. I've just ordered a Kyocera replacement printer an FS-1370DN which I virtually hope will probably be fine.

    Driver Printer Download Samsung ML-3710ND
    Of path this probably only a terrible example of an otherwise first-class printer and as I say when it does not jam it produces simply right nice output, however my expertise has been dire. I without doubt is not going to purchase a further Samsung printer another time. Anybody desire a lightly used printer that jams about twice every week? Bottom line do not purchase this printer; get one who works with out these disorders.

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