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    HP PageWide Pro 477DN Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Tuesday, August 23, 2:39:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-08-22T15:59:00Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download HP PageWide Pro 477DN

    HP PageWide Pro 477DN Printer Driver Download. I just really like this HP PageWide professional 477dn. It appears and acts like a laser printer with a lot lower vigor use, better image print first-class, faster printing and sure cut down complete rate of possession (TCO). As of this evaluation the fee is ready 33% more than a similar Laserjet pro M477dn however ongoing expenses may make the PageWide professional 477dn extra price amazing, specially in a busy workplace. For a single man or woman home/place of work, this printer is more often than not significant overkill! But I have a tendency to love overkill lol.

    Driver Download HP PageWide Pro 477DN Printer Installer
    My bottom line is I believe it's a great 5 star workgroup printer with greater efficiency and far more "green" power use than similar laser printer multifunction instruments. This printer HP PageWide 477dn should not be a Laserjet printer. It is a wonderful new form of Inkjet printer the place the print head is the entire width of the paper, in contrast to the familiar smaller ones with heads that go backward and forward. This makes the professional 477dn have higher print velocity, especially for colour. The max duty cycle is 50,000 pages/month with 750 to 4500 pages/month the average use goal.

    HP PageWide Pro 477DN Set Up Installer Download
    HP PageWide Pro 477DN Driver Download

    Printer Driver HP PageWide Pro 477DN Download
    The HP PageWide professional 477dn looks like a laser multifunction printer like the HP Laserjet professional M477fdn or the older HP Laserjet pro M476nw which I owned and used. Compared to the pro M477dn which has a an identical obligation cycle the PageWide pro 477dn prints about 30% faster in 40ppm vs 28ppm. It's an inkjet printer and prints pleasant on inkjet paper. This made a big change in my output.

    Driver Printer Download HP PageWide Pro 477DN
    So If you're involved about vigour consumption the PageWide 477dn is a modest 100W max, 70w ordinary while Printing, and 10W idle. This Laserjet pro M477fdn is 570W printing and 18.6W idle. Less vigour method less heat which in a busy small office could translate a small discount in AC expenditures in the summer too. And as opposed to the printing part of the PageWide pro 477dn the scanning, copying, faxing, connectivity, and so on are more often than not the equal because this HP PageWide Pro 477DN. Finally it is an excellent product!

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