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    HP PageWide Pro 552DW Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, August 29, 6:38:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-07-23T07:19:25Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download HP PageWide Pro 552DW

    HP PageWide Pro 552DW Printer Driver Download. This HP PageWide Pro 552DW is undoubtedly the nice printer we have now ever had in my place of business. The gradual however definite dying of my 15 yr historical Lexmark Laser printer has triggered us to replace it. I attempted with a Dell 3130 and that was an epic fail. It devoured toner that used to be very high priced and could not control excessive high-quality, foil lined envelopes. All of a sudden this beauty got here alongside. The HP PageWide Pro 552DW setup was once ridiculously convenient. I run a home windows server and four workstations.

    Driver Download HP PageWide Pro 552DW Printer Installer
    I related the printer to my community switch via a Cat 5 cable. Then I loaded the program onto each and every workstation they all run windows 7. This printer was detected robotically on every workstation. I failed to need to fiddle with the server. I did not must call my IT man. I just plug and run the program. It worked every time with out obstacle. Not calling my IT man already put me ahead of the game in phrases of cost and comfort. This thing prints fast. It additionally starts speedy! My Dell laser printer would rev up like a 747 taking off for approximately a minute earlier than spitting out a page. This prints within seconds. Literally seconds.

    HP PageWide Pro 552DW Set Up Installer Download
    HP PageWide Pro 552DW Driver Download

    Printer Driver HP PageWide Pro 552DW Download
    I left it within the reliable mode, which is first-rate for our letters and normal reports. The textual content is apparent. Colors are clear and brilliant, however obviously no longer as great as laser. Nevertheless the cost is estimated to be drastically much less. I don't print brochures in my office. Only a few pie charts and such. This printer shall be best for that. The drawer holds 500 pages of regular 20lb paper stock. Even better, is that it handles envelopes like a champ! It even prints smoothly on the thick foil lined ones we use for excursion and birthday cards! My other printer wrecked them. They'd come out wrinkled or smudged. No problems right here.

    Driver Printer Download HP PageWide Pro 552DW
    I load them in by means of "Tray 1" which is the manual feed tray located on the left facet of the printer. My best criticism is that I wish that special tray held extra than simply 50 sheets and even less envelopes. The HP PageWide Pro 552DW also connects through wifi. It will print through wifi-direct, the cloud and straight from a USB key. The printing via iOs and Android contraptions can also be supported, even though I've now not but validated the Android printing perform. That you can connect cell devices by way of NFC, so it will have to be quite easy to do.

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