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    HP Scanjet 5550c Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, October 2, 7:40:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2016-11-11T18:12:39Z
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    Scanner Driver Download HP Scanjet 5550c

    HP Scanjet 5550c Scanner Driver Download. The HP ScanJet 5500C is a real superb scanner for individuals who do plenty of snapshot scanning or would, were it not for the tedium of loading dozens of prints onto the platen separately. So, on the lid of the 5500C is an computerized photo feeder (APF), which means that you can stack up to 24 three-through-5 or four via 6 snapshots, scan them, and retailer them at the push of a button. And the nice first-rate of the prints is fine too and this HP Scanjet 5550c is a giant, heavy, solidly built device. 

    Driver Download HP Scanjet 5550c Scanner Installer
    On the entrance panel are ten buttons plus the lcd number panel, and all intelligently marked and logically placed. Additionally to the natural one-contact buttons for scan, print, and quantity of copies this HP 5500C has a button that lets you scan straight to the website of your option. Yet another button saves scans to your tough pressure or CD automatically and yet one more button scans after which launches HP's software for creating a slide exhibit on CD. There is even a button to send scans immediately to your printer, not to mention a helpful cancel button.

    HP Scanjet 5550c Set Up Installer Download
    HP Scanjet 5550c Driver Download

    Scanner Driver HP Scanjet 5550c Download
    This HP scanning software's interface is smooth and effortless, with nothing to distract rookies. However it also affords speedy entry to extra developed controls. The separate slide exhibit creation application walks you through the steps of determining your pics, including heritage song, and burning to a CD, which that you may view on a laptop or a collection-high DVD player that helps video CD media. The program isn't as advanced as a true video-modifying bundle, for example, you can not insert fancy transitions between snap shots, nevertheless it's a welcome bonus.

    Driver Scanner Download HP Scanjet 5550c
    In view that of the APF on the lid, you ought to disconnect and get rid of the 5500C quilt and place the transparent substances adapter (TMA) instantly on the glass platen to scan slides and negatives. It's inconvenient to connect and detach, however worth the effort for the auto feeder. And in my tests, the 5500C displayed a preview in about 6 seconds, due to HP dual bloodless-cathode lamps. It scanned our 5-by means of-7 test photo in about 15 seconds. The 5500C produced sharp, wonderful scans of prints with realistic colour, best specular highlights, and just right detail within the shadows. The handy APF function is palms-down the great innovation in customer scanning in years. Nice photograph nice and ease of use make the 5500C much more of a winner.

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