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    OKI Pro9541 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, October 20, 3:35:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2016-10-20T10:35:25Z
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    Printer Driver Download OKI Pro9541

    OKI Pro9541 Printer Driver Download. The OKI Pro9541 takes digital printing to a brand new stage with the option of printing in CMYK plus the addition of a fifth spot colour in white or clear gloss. Unrivalled media dealing with, high print speeds, beautiful high Definition colours and remarkable print excellent make this a designated and affordable alternative for corporations within the image and artistic industries watching to entry a beneficial new sales stream.

    Driver Download OKI Pro9541 Printer Installer
    The OKI Pro9541 has the pleasant quality, sharp, crisp files in CMYK plus a spot color in white or clear gloss, and a first in the photograph arts and creative industries, the low cost 5-color Pro9541 is equipped with a microfine high-Definition toner. Combining digital LED science and multi-stage ProQ technology, it produces sharp, shiny color printing. OKI Pro9541 prints in full range of approach CMYK colors plus a spot colour in  white or clear gloss, ultimate print decision of 1200 x 1200dpi and gorgeous vibrancy of color on dark or transparent media also multi-level ProQ technology enhances color print output.

    OKI Pro9541 Set Up Installer Download
    OKI Pro9541 Driver Download

    Printer Driver OKI Pro9541 Download
    The OKI Pro9541 utterly-suitable with EFI Fiery®XF for developed color management and media flexibility with speedy printing on an wide, unrivalled variety of graphic arts media. OKI Pro9541 is using high-first-class digital LED printing technology, the Pro9541 combines unrivalled media dealing with, high print speeds and five-colour science to provide outstanding outcome in-house on a vast variety of media together with gloss paper, film, switch paper, water resistant paper and extra.

    Driver Printer Download OKI Pro9541
    This OKI Pro9541 paper sizes from A6 to SRA3 and banner lengths as much as 1.3m and prints on paper stock as much as 360gsm single-sided and 320gsm duplex with large variety of media capacity together with gloss paper, movie, transfer paper, waterproof paper and more with 530 sheet tray as typical, as much as 2,950 sheets with optional trays and strong 300 sheet multi-motive tray for added flexibility also trade boost, broaden margins and grow your online business with five-colour printing in CMYK+ white or clear gloss on demand, in condominium.

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