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    Canon Maxify MB5340 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, January 18, 5:24:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-01-26T16:18:04Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Canon Maxify MB5340

    Canon Maxify MB5340 Printer Driver Download. Actually, I did not want to write a review, but when I read the warning about virus software in another review I had to smile. You did the same experience. So I will also report on my short experience. Installing the software was not a problem, but when the printer was to print the test page, only the light went into the print monitor. After reinstalling the software the same result. Bitdefender Virus software. After the same problem with Kaspersky although I have the firewall switched off briefly.

    Driver Download Canon Maxify MB5340 Printer Installer
    With Windows 10 own protection programs everything worked perfectly. After that, I also took Norton and lo and behold, everything worked perfectly. With this Canon Maxify MB5340, I am very pleased to print, copy and scan on both sides. Super duplex scan. Also the results in text and photo are more than satisfactory. The Canon Maxify MB5340 printer is very fast and works perfectly for text prints and in absolutely good quality. However, if you want to print an image from time to time, you should choose another device.

    Canon Maxify MB5340 Set Up Installer Download

    Canon Maxify MB5340 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon Maxify MB5340 Download
    The images are not beautiful at all. The Canon Maxify MB5340 printer was the first to take the heart, because it has the most important function advantage: most multifunctional printers do duplex printing, but no duplex scanner let alone an automatic duplex feeder. In my professional environment, I often have large documents with 20-50 sheets of paper, which are double-sided, but are not available digitally or include my notes. The digital archiving is thus much easier.

    Driver Printer Download Canon Maxify MB5340
    For the first time, I can scan or duplicate duplex documents into a PDF with a multifunction printer in the price segment without turning the PC on and without having to manually turn individual pages - at high speed. In short: the efficiency gains and the uncomplicated use by less technically affluent persons are the most striking arguments. Of course there is also a flat bed scanner, ie the duplex unit can be folded up and documents can be scanned on a glass plate.

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