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    Epson WorkForce DS-530 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, January 13, 7:10:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-01-25T02:56:32Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Scanner Driver Download Epson WorkForce DS-530

    Epson WorkForce DS-530 Scanner Driver Download. The Epson Workforce DS-530 offers scanning processing at a professional level. An automatic document feeder for 50 pages and scanning speeds of up to 35 pages / min. Or 70 images / min. (Measured at A4 and 200/300 dpi) enable the fast capture, indexing, storage and forwarding of documents. The device can also handle sensitive and folded documents via a special scanning mode.

    Driver Download Epson WorkForce DS-530 Scanner Installer
    With a powerful media management and innovative intelligent features that ensure a high degree of data integrity, the Epson WorkForce DS-530 is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of integration into enterprise processes. An automatic document feeder for 50 pages and scanning speeds of up to 35 pages / min. Or 70 images / min. Enable fast capture, indexing, storage, and sharing of business documents.

    Epson WorkForce DS-530 Set Up Installer Download

    Epson WorkForce DS-530 Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Epson WorkForce DS-530 Download
    With the Epson WorkForce DS-530 and the WorkForce DS-570W, there are new entry scanners in the starting holes. The DS-530 and the DS-570W are characterized by reliable and fast document handling, a scanning speed of 35 pages per minute or 70 images per minute and a paper feed for up to 50 sheets. 

    Driver Scanner Download Epson WorkForce DS-530
    Both models handle document sizes from 27 to 413 g / m2 and offer the world's first Slowscan mode, which not only prevents double feeds, but also captures very crisp and kinked originals in a particularly gentle and reliable manner. Both document scanners are optionally expandable with a flatbed via their USB 3.0 interface, thus complementing the wide range of the WorkForce DS input scanners.

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