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    Fujitsu fi-7180 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, January 22, 5:54:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-01-22T13:54:25Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Scanner Driver Download Fujitsu fi-7180

    Fujitsu fi-7180 Scanner Driver Download. The Fujitsu fi-7180 scanner ​​is a member of a family of desktop scanners, the first with a paper protection feature that monitors paper feed noise. The interplay of this technology with modern hardware and software increases your productivity. The Fujitsu fi-7180 has been introduced to support the increasingly diverse business document capture routines on the desk of individual knowledge workers or small workgroups. Thanks to its simple, productivity-enhancing operation, there is virtually no need for training and either when using the scanner for the regular document management routines or when using the current software "ScanSnap Manager for fi series scanner" for individual ad hoc tasks.

    Driver Download Fujitsu fi-7180 Scanner Installer
    The duplex scanner Fujitsu fi-7180 scans color A4 documents at a speed of 80 pages per minute / 180 images per minute in all speeds for A4 portrait at 200/300 dpi and thus has an excellent price / performance ratio. These models allow you to achieve solid performance and best quality results. Large-sized paper tray equipped with very large magazines, these scanners allow you to download documents and batches with up to 80 sheets at a time and the continuous supply of additional stack during scanning. With high-speed interface USB 3.0 support ensures high-speed data transmission between the scanner and computer.

    Fujitsu fi-7180 Set Up Installer Download
    Fujitsu fi-7180 Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Fujitsu fi-7180 Download
    The Fujitsu fi-7180 LCD display is integrated into the control panel to display useful information such as the current scan settings, the number of sheets scanned and the error status. Users instantly recognize scanner status and can easily select and start predefined scan profiles. The Fujitsu fi-7180 also builds on the proven market paper protections to former fi Series scanner and relates them with a. In addition, the fi-7180 ​​offers a new market for the protection of paper documents. It monitors paper movements acoustically and automatically interrupts the paper feed when it registers an irregular noise.

    Driver Scanner Download Fujitsu fi-7180
    This advanced "PaperProtection II" function reliably reduces the risk of document damage during scanning. This is especially valuable for mixed document batches with small-format documents or thin paper sheets, because this function reduces the physical skew of documents on the entire paper path. Even the most messy document stacks experience a special sheet-by-sheet treatment. This allows each sheet to be completely mapped: no lost data at the edges or corners, no more scans needed.

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