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    Kodak ScanMate i1190WN Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, January 13, 6:48:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-01-23T14:50:35Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Scanner Driver Download Kodak ScanMate i1190WN

    Kodak ScanMate i1190WN Scanner Driver Download. I write here a little frustration about the completely inadequate network functionality: 1. Application: I wanted a self-sufficient network scanner, which by a push-button on the device "simply" a searchable PDF deposited on a certain network drive. The choice of different profiles on the equipment would be optimal. 2. Mechanics: The Kodak ScanMate i1190WN scanner is mechanically well constructed, even if the paper is somewhat fiddly. (A copy of a copier is much more beautiful.) The documents must be inserted with the front facing down.

    Driver Download Kodak ScanMate i1190WN Scanner Installer
    3. Use as a USB scanner. The connection to a Windows PC via USB works very well. The scan result is as desired, but the OCR processing runs on the PC and requires there after each scan but still a few seconds. The move is really fast after a commemorative second. Also the suppression of blank pages folds very well. The OCR result is very good. Using the "SmartTouch" software, profiles can be stored on the scanner and the scanning process can also be started directly with the profile.

    Kodak ScanMate i1190WN Set Up Installer Download
    Kodak ScanMate i1190WN Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Kodak ScanMate i1190WN Download
    4. Use as a network scanner
    The connection over the network is actually only as a replacement for the USB cable. An autonomous operation is not provided.
    A typical workflow would be:
    A. Select the desired scan profile on the PC
    B. Go to the scanner and insert the document
    C. Press Start (no profiles selectable)
    D. Go back to the workstation and use the file
    E. A second document also requires a restart on the PC.

    5. Use by API
    The API functionality can only pass TIFF files to an interface. For further information I have not, the documentation for the API is not freely available.

    6. Use by WLAN / App
    Function has not been tested.

    Driver Scanner Download Kodak ScanMate i1190WN
    Conclusion:For the premium price I would have expected much more functionality in the network. The scanner can obviously directly read QR barcodes and other details. The bad from my point of view: The functions are not clearly recognizable from the brochure and the descriptions. The term "Smart-Touch" would certainly not be associated with a Windows software, especially since the scanner has so-called touch buttons and its own display. The obligation to use via a PC with this software is however useless for our intended application. 

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