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    Brother QL-1060N Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, May 25, 3:28:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-05-25T22:28:46Z
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    Printer Driver Download Brother QL-1060N

    Brother QL-1060N Printer Driver Download. Brother QL-1060N printer has good print quality, good handling. There are continuous labels (paper) in 62 and 102 mm. The commissioning over the net went without problems and if you take a look into the manual throws. The IP address used at the first start reveals to me the Fritzbox (the tool BPadmin does not find the printer if the netmask is not true).

    Driver Download Brother QL-1060N Printer Installer
    Then the network map adapted to the printer, via BPAdmin (on CD) an appropriate IP "prescribed" me. Then printer restarted, network card back into its own network. From there everything is always OK. The integrated editing function does what it should. Another plus: I also have a Mac OS X computer. A few days after the release of 10.9 Mavericks, there was a driver. OKI did not like it.

    Brother QL-1060N Set Up Installer Download
    Brother QL-1060N Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother QL-1060N Download
    Minus: The foolish setup step (with network operation) could make a better tool also with the driver installation with (make HP drivers always, but on the other hand, you have to do this only once). In the hardware there is actually only the limit with the narrowest band of 29 mm width. Also a few more colors would be nice.

    Driver Printer Download Brother QL-1060N
    Overall, the Brother QL-1060N printer works properly in the network. Minus is definitely the attempt to bind the customer to the Brother original label, since these are disproportionately expensive. Another drawback is that by the construction no labels can be used by DHL or UPS. This I got so far free. Under labeldiscounter, however, you get proper labels at a good price.

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