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    Brother QL-500 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, February 17, 1:40:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-08-17T03:08:47Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Download Installer Brother QL-500

    Brother QL-500 Printer Driver Download. The printer comes in a rather large carton, which, if packaged by the supplier, exceeds the maximum size of the packing station, so rather not be delivered to Packstation. I've been looking for a cheap label printer to print labels for drawers. My previous labeling machine has only one width and is especially uncomfortable with its "ABC" keyboard, so it should be a small label printer for connection to the PC. Since the Dymo device is more expensive by the bank than by Brother and I do not need an automatic cut-off of labels (otherwise it would have become the next larger model for about 20 euros more) my choice has fallen on the QL-500.

    Driver Download Brother QL-500 Printer Installer
    The Brother QL-500 printer is delivered for a price just over 30 Euro already with a volume with 100 address labels, with which one can start immediately - there would already be an extra point for me. I have tried the commissioning times without instruction manual: cover, the label roll can only be inserted in one position into the printer (well solved!), Then fold up the clamp for the labels, the tape and close the lever, finished.

    Brother QL-500 Drivers Download

    Brother QL-500 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother QL-500 Download
    As the label on the USB interface communicates one should first install the software from the supplied CD and then connect the printer. Said, done, next to the printer driver is still a cataloger and a program for the automatic update of all components. Installed, the printer is switched on and the first label is created with the very intuitive interface in the Express mode. Brumm label finished in first class quality.

    Driver Printer Download Brother QL-500
    The label remains in the printer until you manually move the label cutter once from left to right and then you can pull the label out. The length of labels is automatically recognized by the printer, as no end-use labels are used. In the editor, on the other hand, you have to specify the width once by hand. Overall, I am satisfied for this price, the printing is fast, the labels can be easily replaced and the printer is small, fast and easy to use. Have the device twice recommended and would buy it again at any time.

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