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    Citizen OP900II Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, February 20, 7:16:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-09-06T04:01:15Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Citizen OP900II

    Citizen OP900II Printer Driver Download. Citizen Systems Europe and Pixel-Tech are launching a new solution that allows small, independent photo shops to quickly and conveniently provide their customers with photos for identification purposes. Both the Citizen OP900II and CY printers are available with the software IdPhotos from Pixel-Tech. It has all the information required to print passports, passports and other official color photographs in more than 50 countries. By purchasing a printer for ID photoprints in many countries, customers benefit from a six-month test of the software before the first usage costs become due.

    Driver Download Citizen OP900II Printer Installer
    IdPhotos is a highly developed biometric automatic image processing software that uses special algorithms to automatically recognize facial features. If necessary, the software rotates, scales, and cuts the image to fit specific requirements in less than half a second. Small, independent companies that want to offer an ID photo service, the software provides an IdPhotos Wizard, which allows the user to get the perfect picture in five easy steps in just 15 seconds and much faster than using Photoshop or any other software is possible. This allows the company to deliver fast service and achieve higher sales.

    Citizen OP900II Set Up Installer Download
    Citizen OP900II Driver Download

    Printer Driver Citizen OP900II Download
    "Many people are looking for complete solutions nowadays," explains Pixel-Tech President Jacek Pytowski. "You do not just want to buy a printer and then take care of the software or buy a software and then think about the printer. We offer them a complete, ready-to-use solution for passport / ID photography and are convinced that Citizen printers and our IdPhotos software fit perfectly."

    Driver Printer Citizen OP900II Download
    "IdPhotos and Citizen printers are a powerful combination," said Jörk Schüßler, European Marketing Manager at Citizen Systems Europe. "The Citizen OP900II produces higher print quality and has a longer service life than competitive models. With a media capacity of up to 600 sheets per media roll, it quickly produces high-quality prints even with long-term demands - without interrupting the device. Its size is also great, because the OP900II is up to 20 percent smaller than comparable models. The CY photoprinter is also characterized by fast printing with a compact design. Users save valuable space in sales rooms such as small kiosks, while simultaneously producing more prints per roll."

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