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    Fujitsu SP-1125 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, February 3, 8:35:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-10-19T18:04:04Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Scanner Driver Download Fujitsu SP-1125

    Fujitsu SP-1125 Scanner Driver Download. With the Fujitsu document scanner SP-1125 Fujitsu has developed a scanner for entry into professional document capture. The model is a compact A4 duplex scanner with a scanning speed of up to 25 pages per minute. The Fujitsu SP-1125 scanner is equipped with an automatic document feeder (ADF) for up to 50 sheets and a roller feed module for accurate page separation and an ultrasonic sensor, which indicates possibly occurring Multifeeds reliable. The two SP-1125 camera units allow simultaneous scanning of the front and back, while the user can automatically remove the blank pages.

    Driver Download Fujitsu SP-1125 Scanner Installer
    All models of the Fujitsu SP Series are equipped with the PaperStream IP driver and image processing software, thus ensuring a high level of capture quality. The new type of image optimization, so what is Fujitsu Paper Stream IP? PaperStream IP is a completely new type of driver software. With advanced black-and-white editing, all documents are automatically transformed into images with high image quality. Best of all, the user does not have to make individual scan settings to achieve this result. The digital data are optimally prepared for downstream processing like the OCR text recognition. The software works with applications via the TWAIN or ISIS interface.

    Fujitsu SP-1125 Set Up Installer Download
    Fujitsu SP-1125 Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Fujitsu SP-1125 Download
    In addition, PaperStream IP offers a unique triple-stream capability: if desired, three files with different color values, different resolution and different file formats can be created simultaneously in different target directories / systems. What are the advantages of Fujitsu Paper Stream IP? PaperStream IP is integrated directly into the scanner driver. You do not need any additional software that needs to be administrated or configured to the scanner. This internal Fujitsu SP-1125 scanner test has convinced us of the high image quality optimization of Paper Stream IP.

    Driver Scanner Download Fujitsu SP-1125
    All models of the SP series are equipped with the PaperStream IP driver and image processing software and thus ensure a high level of acquisition quality. Extensive Software Package Bundled with ABBYY FineReader Sprint software dominates 190 languages and allows users to create searchable PDF files or document into an editable file such. B. convert a Microsoft Word document. Presto PageManager! Provides options for correction, conversion and file organization, and can be connected to the control panel of the SP-1125, then just press the scan button to instantly store image data from documents.

    DOWNLOAD DRIVER (All Fujitsu scanner drivers and software from Official Source):
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