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    HP Laserjet M130NW Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Tuesday, February 14, 7:27:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-04-04T04:42:38Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download HP Laserjet M130NW

    HP Laserjet M130NW Printer Driver Download. I decided with concern because of small outer dimensions and white color to purchase. The device has WPA quickly contact the WLAN recorded. For the installation on the computers I have chosen the basic version of the driver, which is with ewas trouble to find the Internet. HP does not make the buyer straight because the instructions are extremely gaps and requires experience or imagination. Not even the toner change is explained let alone features or the handling of a paper jam. HP would instead sell service packages. The curiosity of HP is very disturbing. Replacement cartridges currently cost about - € 60.

    Driver Download HP Laserjet M130NW Printer Installer
    This is quite expensive. Addition: After the change of the router found the printer the WLAN no longer. Somehow I have managed to find a working service number of HP. It turned out that HP printers support only the 2.4 GHz band. The 5 GHz band must be switched off. By remote maintenance, the customer service then set up the printer again. Unfortunately, the transport rolls are still clearly on the paper. The HP Laserjet M130NW initial setup must take place via the USB connection to the laptop or PC. The necessary cable is included. Then the setup works very quickly and easily.

    HP Laserjet M130NW Set Up Installer Download
    HP Laserjet M130NW Driver Download

    Printer Driver HP Laserjet Pro MFP M130NW Download
    The connection to the WLan is done just as quickly and the included CD is also connected to other PCs in less than 10 minutes so that it can be printed from any location. Starting this HP Laserjet M130NW printer, when it has been completely turned off, lasts longer than usual, but not unreasonably long. If you set it as a standard printer and is on the same WLAN network, it prints unusually fast and not comparable to normal inject printers. The printing quality is good. Attention! Only black / white. For me, it is especially important for the job that all pages are drawn in the same way, so that the graphics all at the same place of the sides.

    Driver Printer Download HP Laserjet Pro MFP M130NW
    This is guaranteed with this printer. It is also possible to scan easily using the included software. And you can copy directly at the printer. Also at home very handy, since you always need some copy again. It is a printer. No more and no less. It does not look smart, but it does his job well. It is as wide and deep as an ordinary inject printer with scan function, but significantly higher. How long the toner now holds finally has yet to show. I will then customize the review.

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