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    Kodak i3400 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, February 1, 7:02:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-02-01T15:02:55Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Scanner Driver Download Kodak i3400

    Kodak i3400 Scanner Driver Download. The Kodak i3000 series of scanners has been specially designed for constant throughput and minimized downtime. The scanners offer impressive image functions for easy integration of information, as well as a smart document protection feature to prevent corrupted documents and data loss. The Kodak i3400 A3 Rotary Scanners are no longer a challenge: they require little space on your desk and are ideal for companies that do not compromise. So, no matter whether you want to digitize and archive the accounting of years or forms, magazines or the correspondence of agencies, law firms, etc., or scan them for further processing.

    Driver Download Kodak i3400 Scanner Installer
    The Kodak faces this challenge professionally with decades of experience. Documents can be output from the front output tray or from the back of the scanner when the option for the straight paper guide is selected manually. Thanks to ultrasonic multi-pull detection, it is detected whether several sheets have been pulled simultaneously and paper jam is imminent.

    Kodak i3400 Set Up Installer Download

    Kodak i3400 Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Kodak i3400 Download
    With the Kodak i3400 scans are 80 sheets / minute or 160 images / minute at 200 dpi and 300 dpi possible. Output formats are single- and multi-page TIFF, JPEG, RTF, BMP, PDF, or searchable PDF. The document feed is performed for the feeder. This Kodak A3 flatbed scanning unit is optionally available as an accessory. A scanner should have more than just scanning. He must configure image profiles, specify job names, file names, and distribute information.

    Driver Scanner Download Kodak i3400
    And that's exactly what the SmartTouch function from Kodak was developed. It optimizes routine tasks, such as placing files on the server, simplifying the distribution of content, and facilitating access to your data, whether you are in the office or on the road. The Kodak i3400 scanner is easily integrated into TWAIN, ISIS and Linux-based scanning applications. Managing your data is as easy as scanning your documents.

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