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    Kodak i3450 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, February 1, 6:54:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-02-01T14:54:57Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Scanner Driver Download Kodak i3450

    Kodak i3450 Scanner Driver Download. The Kodak i3450 document scanners from Kodak is a bit more powerful than the sibling model i3250. So this allows you to scan 90 pages per minute at 200 dpi instead of 50 pages per minute. Thanks to the integrated flatbed, it is also possible to digitize books or smart cards. Thanks to its design, A3 documents can be scanned with a length of up to 4.10 meters, even with the help of the "continuous scanning" function.

    Driver Download Kodak i3450 Scanner Installer
    The document feeder can hold up to 250 pages at 80 grams per square meter. The ultrasonic multi-pull detection is a useful tool. Generally, however, the single sheet should not be more than 413 g / m2 thick. The integrated flatbed scanner is available for more bulky materials such as cardboard, books or cards. Here, however, you are restricted to the scanning range A4. The rotation scanner does not know this limitation, however. It even scans papers up to a length of 4.10 meters or even A3.

    Kodak i3450 Set Up Installer Download
    Kodak i3450 Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Kodak i3450 Download
    Processes are automated, the skew of the document is corrected automatically, smoothed the background color, image edges and holes filled or left blank page. Colors, brightness and contrasts are adjusted and routine tasks are optimized with the Smart Touch function, such as storing on the server. As panel is a graphical LCD display with four operating keys. The scanner is also ISIS / TWAIN compliant. The Windows software interface with a graphical interface allows the scanner to be integrated into a third-party software such as an image processing program.

    Driver Scanner Download Kodak i3450
    The Kodak document scanners is as departmental scanner is a reliable partner, who also can withstand a high throughput. However, it is not quite as favorable in its purchase. With about 4.500 euros you have to count on. For a private budget simply too much money and for a office community really only useful when its use frequently occurs. It's on Amazon listed.

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