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    Avision IS15 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, March 5, 7:46:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-03-06T03:46:40Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Scanner Driver Download Avision IS15

    Avision IS15 Scanner Driver Download. I had to scan completely before my photos. With the quality of the first few photos I was also satisfied, although not overly happy. But already with the second film, I became very unhappy. The Avision IS15 scanner has problems with matte photos. In contrast to gloss photos, you can see stripes on the scan and dark tones are either scanned too light or too dark. The problem with dark colors he has synonymous with luster photos. There has also been nothing to change calibrations. The resolution is unfortunately not particularly high.

    Driver Download Avision IS15 Scanner Installer
    But probably you can not ask for the price. Saving on SD card or USB stick works without problems. My SD card was faster than USB. If you have no claim to the quality of the photos and want to scan only gloss photos, you can buy this scanner quietly and has a flexible and inexpensive device. For me it was nothing and I also did not want to have my complete photo in mediocre quality.

    Avision IS15 Set Up Installer Download
    Avision IS15 Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Avision IS15 Download
    I have the Avision now a few days in use and am so far very satisfied. Normal photos are scanned without cover, for smaller ones 2 sleeves are included in the delivery. Even older photos (10 years in the drawer) are reproduced well. For my "house use" great. Will follow me in print photobooks. The Avision is easy to use, the inserted CD I could not read so far (my Comp spinnt) but it was a pictogram with it and that has been completely outdated.

    Driver Scanner Download Avision IS15
    It is also worth mentioning that the current connection is to be used for different standards, a total of 4 different plugs are included in the delivery. And the Avision is also easy. In the handbag and girlfriend taken away. Unfortunately, he zips around when the image to be scanned is too thick (had smaller photos sticked on postcards of large paper, which unfortunately I had to pull off for scanning.

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