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    Brother PT-2430PC Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, March 25, 8:40:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-03-25T15:40:46Z
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    Printer Driver Download Brother PT-2430PC

    Brother PT-2430PC Printer Driver Download. The Brother P-Touch 2430PC label printer is a professional labeling system that is operated with the PC. The Brother PT-2430PC printer can be connected to the PC with a USB cable and Brother 's software (supplied) allows you to design labels as you wish. The maximum print resolution is 180 dpi. The labeling machine prints your labels at a speed of 10 mm per second so that you can print several labels quickly. The label printer works with widths of up to 24 mm. The labels can be numbered automatically and the 30 different print functions allow you to create many different labels.

    Driver Download Brother PT-2430PC Printer Installer
    Also very practical is the automatic cut-off device, which makes the handling of the label printer even easier. Although there are currently not many customer reviews for the label printer, the available reviews are very positive. Customers are particularly interested in the easy handling of the device. Thus, it is often said that the installation of the software is quick and easy by hand. The software itself is also easy to understand and provides enough.

    Brother PT-2430PC Driver Download
    Brother PT-2430PC Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother PT-2430PC Download
    A customer writes that the labeling system also works very well with a MAC computer. The required driver can be found on the CD ROM, which is included in the delivery. In addition, thanks to downloads, the software can always keep up to date. The label printer is also praised several times. There are not many negative comments on the label printer. A customer writes that the printer does not work on Linux. Brother's customer service did not seem to help him.

    Driver Printer Download Brother PT-2430PC
    To do this, however, you will find a comment from another customer who explains how to install the label printer under Linux. Another shortage is the paper consumption of the printer. For example, you wipe approximately 1.5 cm of the tape with each label, which is automatically cut off from the device. Many customers consider this unnecessary. Since the writings are not very cheap, many customers are extremely dissatisfied.

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