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    Epson WorkForce DS-570W Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, March 5, 1:22:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-03-05T09:22:15Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Scanner Driver Download Epson WorkForce DS-570W

    Epson WorkForce DS-570W Scanner Driver Download. The great strength of this Epson WorkForce DS-570W scanner lies in its handling of wireless networks. The ScanSnap iX500 can only be connected to a single computer at the same time when scanning the network. To send documents to another computer, you must connect the iX500 to the appropriate computer using a USB cable and reconfigure the settings. The Epson WorkForce DS-570W, on the other hand, can send documents to any computer and provided the drivers have been installed (once).

    Driver Download Epson WorkForce DS-570W Scanner Installer
    In the same way documents can also be transferred to mobile devices with Android or iOS. After the installation of the Epson DocumentScan app, the Epson WorkForce DS-570W sends the scans to the smartphone or the tablet. Up to four devices can be linked to the document scanner. According to the manufacturer, the Epson WorkForce DS-570W comes at a speed of 26 pages per minute.

    Epson WorkForce DS-570W Set Up Installer Download
    Epson WorkForce DS-570W Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Epson WorkForce DS-570W Download
    For the test report, I have scanned 30 pages in Simplex mode with 300 dpi with the included Document Capture-Pro software. In fact, the Epson WorkForce DS-570W is what it promises: the 30 pages were scanned at 26.6 pages per minute. In duplex scanning mode (duplex), the device is a little slower and comes to 22.9 pages per minute. It is true that the scanning speeds can be seen; But the scan process takes almost twice as long to create searchable PDF s. For the sake of fairness, it must be said that most document scanners need even more time for text recognition.

    Driver Scanner Download Epson WorkForce DS-570W
    However, scanners such as the Canon imageFORMULA DR-C225W and the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 show that it is also different: these two document scanners require only a little more time for the OCR process than for a pure image PDF scan. The OCR -exception recognition works perfectly: With a scan resolution of 300 dpi, texts set in 8 points (Times New Roman) as well as in 6 points (Arial) were converted error-free.

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