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    HP Color LaserJet 2600N Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, March 18, 6:59:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-03-18T13:59:28Z
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    Printer Driver Download HP Color LaserJet 2600N

    HP Color LaserJet 2600N Printer Driver Download. The HP now as a bargain, would be already exaggerated, especially since one gets from Samsung about the same money a printer, which is faster in the SW mode and also a duplex unit offers - who needs, has nothing to look at the HP. However, the highlight is surely the network connection which is really easy to integrate into the local LAN and thus also allows the notebook worker on the terrace or balcony access to the burnt color.

    Driver Download HP Color LaserJet 2600N Printer Installer
    The inline system opposite the turret system already has its advantages and 8 color pages / m are already great, unfortunately it means just 8 SW pages per minute which is not enough, which should look after one with Revolver, most offer here though Only 5 pages color / min, but the four times the tempo in SW printing. In general, one must say that the image quality is excellent and is preferable to the ink sputtering method for many prints.

    HP Color LaserJet 2600N Driver Printer Download
    HP Color LaserJet 2600N Driver Download

    Printer Driver HP Color LaserJet 2600N Download
    But photo quality is well, not really, there are the tintupfer already somewhat better. But also miserably slow. With about 27 cents per color page I find the running costs for color prints with 70% coverage also absolutely in order. Only a few printers are cheaper. Deduction is actually only here because of the not available possibility to install a duplex unit and because of the rather slow S / W pressure. But what can one expect already for this price and miracles is not really, right?

    Driver Printer Download HP Color LaserJet 2600N
    I have the device every day 12 hours in the use, in my view, the expectations of the device of this price class were even exceeded. The consumption values ​​are in order, the speed acceptable and the reliability very well. The printing quality can also convince in this context. The installation and the integration into the existing network is easy and without much previous knowledge, the toner change is very easy.

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