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    HP DeskJet 3778 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, March 17, 11:45:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-05-12T17:01:21Z
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    Printer Driver Download HP DeskJet 3778

    HP DeskJet 3778 Printer Driver Download. The size of this HP DeskJet 3778 printer is just 40.3 x 17.5 x 14.1 cm in size. This is still not really "tiny", but somewhere still the DIN A4 paper has to be fed, printed and repacked. HP itself claimed to have the smallest multifunction printer (MFP) with the HP DeskJet 3778 on the market. Visually, the HP DeskJet 3778 fits in the nursery rather than in the office thanks to its white-blue combination of colors, thus underscoring its intended application area as a consumer printer. Further colors are to follow. The processing makes a good impression at first glance. On the first start, the HP DeskJet 3778 switches to the WiFi Direct mode, thus setting up its own WLAN, into which you can log in to control the printer. That worked right away.

    Driver Download HP DeskJet 3778 Printer Installer
    Nevertheless, it is much more comfortable to integrate the HP DeskJet 3778 into the in-house WLAN. All devices that are also in the WLAN can then use the printer. To connect the printer to the WLAN, you need a Windows or Mac OS X computer and the corresponding software from the HP side. The HP DeskJet 3778 also includes a USB printer cable. Overall the installation went quickly by the hand, after only 10 minutes was the device in the WLAN

    HP DeskJet 3778 Driver Printer Download
    HP DeskJet 3778 Driver Download

    Printer Driver HP DeskJet 3778 Download
    There is also an app is available for mobile devices. Once installed, it is possible to print files from the gallery using the " HP All-in-One Remote " app. In addition, documents can be captured with the camera and sent to the printer after automatic keystone correction. However, content can also be printed outside the app via the export interface. This worked with both the Chrome web browser, Google Drive, and some other apps. Both Android, and under iOS, there were no problems, everything was immediately recognized. In fact, this was a point that surprised me very positively. Finally, I heard from several camps that printing of mobile devices works rather badly than right.

    Driver Printer Download HP DeskJet 3778
    So, if you want to print photos directly from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr on the HP self-adhesive photo paper specifically provided by HP, you can use the HP Social Media Snapshot app. A service called HP Printbot is designed to allow users of the Facebook messenger to interact with this HP DeskJet 3778 printer to print content directly from a conversation there. The Printbot also provides features for installing additional printers, re-printing documents from the printing history, and ordering replacement cartridges.

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