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    HP LaserJet Pro M12w Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, March 3, 7:39:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-03-04T03:39:54Z
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    HP LaserJet Pro M12w Driver Download

    HP LaserJet Pro M12w Printer Driver Download. I now install many printers, both privately and at work. However, these are now all inkjet printers. This had mainly economic reasons, a large HP color laser printer produced for our small office simply too high costs. With the small HP here can be used besides the standard toner (1600 pages) but also an XL variant (12000 pages), which makes it really interesting. The HP LaserJet Pro M12w printer has everything (installation CD, cable, and installation folders) to put it into operation. The toner is already installed. In order to use it in the WLAN, it must be connected to the computer running the installation program during installation via a USB cable.

    Driver Download HP LaserJet Pro M12w Printer Installer
    All the data is then transferred in order to enter it in the network. Overall, the installation was anything but fast, and went wrong the first time. In the middle, the installation program hung up. The reason was that I have all newly furnished devices, by default, no Internet release in my Fritz box; And this needs the HP. After I had uninstalled the HP and all the utilities, the second installation attempt went, then without problems.

    HP LaserJet Pro M12w Set Up Installer Download
    HP LaserJet Pro M12w Driver Download

    Printer Driver HP LaserJet Pro M12w Download
    What I do not like. It consists of a registration of the device. After the installation in Windows, you can make all settings via the HP Print Compiler and the HP Device Toolbox, which can be accessed via the print assistant. The system settings in the device toolbox can be saved using a password. The device toolbox can only be called if the printer is online. If it is in the standby mode, no connection to the printer server can be established. The double-sided print I found in the beginning some getting used to. First, only one half of the pages are printed.

    Driver Printer Download HP LaserJet Pro M12w
    After that, the printed sheets must be placed back into the paper tray without being turned over as they are. In order for the remaining pages to be printed, this action must also be confirmed at the printer (flashing key). The HP LaserJet Pro M12w printing quality, as I am used to by laser printers, is very good. Also graphics are reproduced well. Overall I am satisfied with the small device. The small HP has made me think about my attitude to laser printers.

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