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    Kyocera FS-1300DN Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, March 10, 6:05:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-03-10T14:06:16Z
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    Printer Driver Download Kyocera FS-1300DN

    Kyocera FS-1300DN Printer Driver Download. This Kyocera Document Solutions FS-1300DN is the winner in the S / W laser printer test. In a test of five current B / W laser printers on Druckerchannel.de the Kyocera FS-1300DN has been able to pass the test. The laser printer confirms with this result the very good overall score determined by the magazine "Facts" in a large printing test. The printer was able to resist the strong competition from Brother, HP Lexmark and Samsung.

    Driver Download Kyocera FS-1300DN Printer Installer
    The very low printing costs of 1.3 cents per text page, which make the high purchase price quickly forgotten with a large print volume, were decisive for the test victory. In addition, it is awarded the "Blue Angel" and therefore also from ecological point of view a purchase recommendation. The Kyocera FS-1300DN went clear in the test against the Lexmark E352DN, which was fast and relatively cheap (1.9 cents / page) and offered good print quality, but only one year warranty.

    Kyocera FS-1300DN Driver Installer Download
    Kyocera FS-1300DN Driver Download

    Printer Driver Kyocera FS-1300DN Download
    In the HP Laserjet P2015DN again, the testers criticized the high printing costs (2.8 cents / page), but were pleased with the robust processing of the laser printer. Also because of high printing costs devalued the Brother HL-5250DN, which is altogether a pity, because the printer is according to Druckerchannel.de very well equipped. Finally, the Samsung ML-2851ND was finalized. It was the cheapest printer in the test environment and very quiet. However, the high follow-up costs permanently lessen the joy of the low purchase price.

    Driver Printer Download Kyocera FS-1300DN
    With 490 euros the Kyocera is the most expensive device in the test. The acquisition costs are amortized thanks to unquestionably favorable printing costs (1.3 cents). If you print a lot, choose with the Kyocera the most favorable device by far. The decor is very good. If you are looking for an ecological point of view, do not miss the Kyocera printer because the FS-1300 has not only the smallest amount of waste, but also has the "Blue Angel". A big advantage is that the device can process paper up to 220 g / m².

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