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    Kyocera FS-1370DN Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, March 10, 6:11:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-03-10T14:11:18Z
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    Printer Driver Download Kyocera FS-1370DN

    Kyocera FS-1370DN Printer Driver Download. The Kyocera Document Solutions FS-1370DN S / W laser printers for workgroups and smaller departments. This Kyocera FS-1370DN printer is the only one of the three new S / W laser printers from the spring collection 2010 of Kyocera-Mita. In contrast to its two colleagues FS-1120D and FS-1320D , it can be used not only as a pure workplace printer, but also as a central printer for smaller departments or workgroups. The utilization of the printer should be about 2,800 pages a month. But also occasional peak values ​​of up to 50,000 pages a month can cope with the device.

    Driver Download Kyocera FS-1370DN Printer Installer
    The almost identical of the Kyocera FS-1370DN is equipped with a faster CPU (500 instead of 360 MHz) and a bit more RAM ex works (128 MB, upgradeable to 544 MB). In addition, he has a second USB interface to be able to directly print from external storage media without a PC. The FS-1320D's memory card reader is missing.

    Kyocera FS-1370DN Driver Installer Download
    Kyocera FS-1370DN Driver Download

    Printer Driver Kyocera FS-1370DN Download
    And like all three printers in the 2010 collection, the FS-1370DN also handles duplex printing and can be extended with two additional paper trays (like the FS-1320D). 250 sheets plus 50 sheets (universal feeder) are available at the factory. In addition, the FS-1370DN has a further, very pleasing feature with its two brothers.

    Driver Printer Download Kyocera FS-1370DN
    By reducing the otherwise very high printing speed of the FS-1370DN to approximately half, the noise levels in the operation are reduced by up to 5 dB (A), according to Kyocera-Mita A value well below 50 dB (A) and not only in a large-scale studio, this extremely low noise emission for a laser printer is a great relief for all employees. The compact, since only 267 times 375 times 393 millimeter large FS-1370DN is to be available for sale from June 2010. The targeted price is just under 400 euros in the basic version.

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