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    Plustek MobileOffice C500 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, March 5, 7:54:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-03-06T03:54:03Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Scanner Driver Download Plustek MobileOffice C500

    Plustek MobileOffice C500 Scanner Driver Download. The Plustek Mobile Office C500 is a scanner for documents, photos, letters, magazines, books, etc.. But it is also a camera for 3D objects. And so it is a conference phone that can be used for conferences, training courses and briefings over the Internet. Plustek Mobile Office C500 is, in other words a little of each. The Plustek MobileOffice C500 is a camera-based document scanner equipped with a real 5-megapixel color CMOS sensor.

    Driver Download Plustek MobileOffice C500 Scanner Installer
    It allows to make visual presentations, image captures (scan) and video recording of any type of document or object. Compared to fixed focal length products, the MobileOffice C500 offers autofocus for precise focusing on any type of flat document or 3D object. You can capture books, magazines, business cards, plastic cards and documents in very clear digital files in seconds and instantly present faithful images. In addition to capturing 3D documents or objects, thanks to its unique vertical mechanical design and built-in microphone, the MobileOffice C500 can be used as a camera for conference needs.

    Plustek MobileOffice C500 Set Up Installer Download

    Plustek MobileOffice C500 Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Plustek MobileOffice C500 Download
    You can even use it for video recording of conferences, trainings, demonstrations or product preparations. A complete solution for business or education, the MobileOffice C500 offers the ABBYY FineReader Sprint to convert captured document images into text files (word, excel, text and searchable PDF); And the HotCard BizCard Finder to manage your contacts.

    Driver Scanner Download Plustek MobileOffice C500
    With features Compact & portable design CMOS color sensor 5 Megapixels real Ideal for capturing papers, books or any kind of object Multiple multi purpose utilities LED extension lamps for dark environment Projects images and documents in real time via computer with projector Auto Focus available Continuous capture function Quick scan keys for efficient operation High-precision OCR & BCR software package Scan to searchable PDF files Video recording with voice via built-in microphone.

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