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    Avision AD125 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, April 8, 9:09:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-04-08T16:09:28Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Scanner Driver Download Avision AD125

    Avision AD125 Scanner Driver Download. The Avision AD125 is a fast document scanner for professional use to digitize many documents quickly and reliably, you need a very good scanner. The AD125 is especially designed for use in the customer area of ​​companies and authorities. I tested it thoroughly. The Avision AD125 makes a very good impression in connection with the scanning software. However, there is a small but important hook. The company Avision specializes in scanners and has the model AD125 a device for the import of documents, which is very suitable for professional tasks. Particularly with authorities and companies, the device can digitize many documents quickly and reliably in areas with customer contact. The Avision AD125 is very compact and takes only a small footprint. Input and output compartments can be folded in when they are not needed.

    Driver Download Avision AD125 Scanner Installer
    The tray holds up to 50 sheets of paper in DIN A4 format at the same time. It also handles documents that are up to 1.25 mm thick and for example stapled folders. An ultrasonic sensor is to detect whether two sheets are fed simultaneously and acknowledge with a warning message. During the test, however, there has never been a double sheet feed. The Avision AD125 scanning process is very fast. In our test, the AD125 was able to scan 25 pages in duplex mode with copy recognition at a resolution of 300 dpi within 1:02 minutes. Without text recognition, the 25 pages are already scanned in 40 seconds. 25 pages of a single-page document is read and stored with and without text recognition within 35 seconds.

    Avision AD125 Driver Scanner Download
    Avision AD125 Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Avision AD125 Download
    The Avision AD125 scanner is connected via USB. It has a CCD sensor, which achieves a high scanning quality with up to 600 dpi. It weighs less than 3 kg. It comes with a power cable, a USB 2.0 cable, a CD-ROM with a scanner driver and the Button Manager V2 software. Avision AD125 drivers and software are unfortunately not Mac OS compatible. For the test, Avision supplied Exactscan 2 software from Exactcode, which also allows the buttons of the scanner to be programmed. Without this software, the scanner can not be operated on a Mac OS. Exactscan 2 is, however, an excellent program for controlling the AD125. The integrated text recognition supports multiple languages ​​and automatic spelling correction. The file names for the scanned documents can be created automatically and, for example, numbered. Each page can be provided with a watermark like a time stamp.

    Driver Scanner Download Avision AD125
    Supported storage formats include PDF in three different compression levels, JPG, TIFF and RTF. Blank pages are recognized and deleted or replaced by a predefined placeholder. Documents can also be separated by a blank page. The AD125 scanner from Avision is very powerful and recommended for office use. A big drawback for Mac OS X users, however, is the missing software. Exactscan is not offered together with the scanner and has to be purchased for at least 79,95 Euro additionally. The Pro version including text recognition costs already 99.95 euro. The evaluation is thus valid for the combination of scanner and software.

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