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    Citizen CX2 Compact Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Tuesday, April 4, 1:06:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-04-04T20:06:12Z
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    Printer Driver Download Citizen CX2 Compact

    Citizen CX2 Compact Printer Driver Download. Mobile and fast: If you need a mobile yet high-quality photo thermal sublimation printer for event photography, take a look at the results of the new Citizen CX2 Compact, which will be available at Nordfoto and Silverlab Solutions in January. The event photography is a growing business segment. If the photographer can present and present the printed images to his customers at the event, this is the best proof of the competence of the event photographer. Radiant faces at the event visitors, satisfied customers, good word-of-mouth propaganda and further follow-up orders are the reward. However, the requirements for an event printer are high: compact, light, robust and fast, and, of course, deliver prints of first-class quality.

    Driver Download Citizen CX2 Compact Printer Installer
    If the quality and portability are the key criteria for the new photo printer, it is worth taking a closer look at Citizen's CX2 Compact. The CX2 Compact is about 2 kg lighter with its 12 kg and with outer dimensions of 275 × 366 × 170 mm about 15% smaller than its larger brother, the CX model. Nevertheless, he prints 300x300 dpi photos in laboratory quality in just 8.4 seconds per image. In addition, a high quality mode is available, in which images with a resolution of 300 x 600 dpi can be printed. In either case, the photo surface can be selected in matt or gloss.

    Citizen CX2 Compact Driver Printer Download
    Citizen CX2 Compact Driver Download

    Printer Driver Citizen CX2 Compact Download
    Also in high quality mode, a 10 x 15 cm print requires only 11.3 seconds. For the 13x18 cm print, the CX2 Compact requires 14.2 seconds (19.2 seconds in HQ mode), for the 15x20 cm print it needs 15.6 seconds (21.3 seconds in HQ mode). The CX2 Compact prints up to 400 images in 10 x 15 cm format without changing the rolls. With 400 images in the format 10 × 15, 230 images in the format 13 × 18 or 200 images in the format 15 × 20 cm are possible without changing the rolls. With the new ribbon rewinding function, the use of 15 × 20 cm material for 10 × 15 cm prints can save color and photo paper.

    Driver Printer Download Citizen CX2 Compact
    This makes the CX2 Compact ideal as a working animal for event photographers, for use in Fotobooth systems, but also for continuous use in the field of automata. A further advantage in the hard business everyday is the very fast and easy media exchange. In the new, improved printer driver (for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) the user is permanently informed about the current status of the media supply. Also for the Mac OS is a driver available. Incidentally, the CX2 Compact requires only 0.5 watts in energy-saving mode.

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