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    HP Scanjet 1000 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, April 5, 8:22:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-04-05T15:22:43Z
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    Scanner Driver Download HP Scanjet Pro 1000

    HP Scanjet 1000 Scanner Driver Download. The Hewlett-Packard ScanJet Professional 1000 is a handscanner for the road. On the other hand, external staff members who have to scan documents, such as contracts and accounting documents, but also graphics and photos / images, can take the ScanJet Professional 10000 from April 2010 onwards. The hand-held scanner digitizes documents up to a maximum size of A4 and is connected to the computer via USB. The resolution of this ScanJet Professional 1000 scanner is 600 dpi and therefore meets the requirements that can be set for the digitization of text documents. The tempo is fairly modest and is 5 pages A4 or 8 images (both sides) per minute.

    Driver Download HP Scanjet 1000 Scanner Installer
    The maximum document size is A4; Forms must not exceed 86 cm in length. The scanning process itself is carried out by push-button printing, the output is a PDF, TIFF, JEPG or Word file. The HP Scanjet 1000 software Newsoft Presto! Biscard, an OCR program for text recognition as well as a program for archiving, sorting or converting the file into an editable document. Pleasant: The ScanJet Professional is only 29 times 5 by 7.5 centimeters large and weighs only 660 grams.

    HP Scanjet Professional 1000 Driver Scanner Download
    HP Scanjet 1000 Driver Download

    Scanner Driver HP Scanjet 1000 Mobile Download
    Despite the included transport bag, the device is not exactly cheap. HP estimates the sales value of the ScanJet Professional to around 260 euros. The HP Scanjet Professional 1000 should be able to read up to five pages or up to eight images per minute on both sides. The CIS scanner processes a maximum of A4 size paper and is connected to the computer via the USB interface. Smaller formats as well as business cards can be recorded.

    Driver Scanner Download HP Scanjet 1000
    Each template must be inserted individually, because there is no automatic paper feeder. The Nuance Paperport includes a software that enables simple document management. Especially for business cards, the software Newsoft Presto! Bizcard Reader. Nuance Omnipage also includes an OCR program for text recognition in the package. The device measures 290 x 50 x 75 mm with a weight of around 660 grams. A transport bag is included.

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