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    Xerox DocuMate 5445i Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, April 6, 9:57:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-04-06T16:57:42Z
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    Scanner Driver Download Xerox DocuMate 5445i

    Xerox DocuMate 5445i Scanner Driver Download. Xerox's award-winning scanner Xerox DocuMate 5445, which can scan paper documents in different sizes, plastic cards at speeds of up to 90 pages per minute, is ideal for offices that want to store their documents electronically. The Xerox DocuMate 5445 scanner from Xerox next-generation office products is differentiating from other scanners with the ability to scan different sizes of paper files, scan quickly plastic cards, scan by grouping, recognize wrinkled and folded paper. The choice of editor by many independent publishers, a browser of the year, a product characterized by the best browser definitions.

    Driver Download Xerox DocuMate 5445i Scanner Installer
    Finally, it was chosen by the international IT portal PC.mag as the best browser of the year 2013 . PC.Mag test editors who have chosen the Xerox DocuMate 5445 as the best scanner of the year were able to test the Xerox DocuMate 5445 extremely well and quickly in the test papers published at www.pcmag.com that small and medium sized offices are the perfect choice for heavy workloads. The Xerox DocuMate 5445 can scan a variety of in-place materials from plastic cards and small receipts to long-form documents.

    Xerox DocuMate 5445i Driver Scanner Download
    Xerox DocuMate 5445i Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Xerox DocuMate 5445i Download
    This Xerox DocuMate 5445i scanner with its small size and low energy consumption for every task, is distinguished by its high performance and durable structure that does not require service. With a speed of 45 ppm / 90 ipm, the Xerox DocuMate 5445 scans documents of different specifications and sizes with high quality. All small and medium-sized offices, including all real estate offices, telecommunications offices, banks and health units, are doing paper-based business.

    Driver Scanner Download Xerox DocuMate 5445i
    The ultrasonic double-feed Xerox DocuMate 5445 can detect corrugated paper. It automatically stops scanning when the folded paper is corners or overloaded. This feature can be disabled if requested, but this is not recommended because it increases scanning errors. The Xerox DocuMate 5445, a 75-page document feeder, can scan documents from 4,82 cm to 7,11 cm from 21.59 cm to 25.4 cm. For short documents, you can automatically scan at a reduced output speed, and output guides prevent the paper from flying in the output tray.

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