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    Samsung ML-1910 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, May 21, 8:48:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-05-21T15:48:26Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Samsung ML-1910

    Samsung ML-1910 Printer Driver Download. Samsung ML-1910 has been working flawlessly, fast and efficiently for more than a year - has never had paper jam or other problem; Very short warm-up time; Available large toners (2500 pages) are very cheap. Now I have Samsung ML-1910 for a while and am still very satisfied with the thing. Since I do not print any color I have made a very good choice with the black and white laser printer. I have this Samsung ML-1910 printer as second printer next to my Canon color printer, because I was the printing costs simply too high.

    Driver Download Samsung ML-1910 Printer Installer
    The Samsung delivers very sharp b / w printouts of text files, colored documents are well translated into gray tones. Envelopes are easy to handle thanks to the easy-to-access separate front feed. I also use the Screen-Shot function, which prints the image displayed on the monitor by a simple button. About the consumption I can not make a statement, since the device has been in use for 4 weeks. Conclusion: An investment worthwhile because of the good price-performance ratio.

    Samsung ML-1910 Driver Printer Download
    Samsung ML-1910 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Samsung ML-1910 Download
    The small an inexpensive printers is top-notch and suitable for the application eg printing the DPD labels. Recommended and very good. I have the part now for almost a year and had no problems. It is still the first toner in it, it prints as I expect it from, no error messages, clean print and no paper jams. Both-sided printing works well, provided you put the paper right around. The first printer, with which I am fully satisfied! I can only join the positive reviews of the others. The print image is even, clean and sharp. I could not see any stripes or unsightly margins on my prints..

    Driver Printer Download Samsung ML-1910
    The printing speed is also fine. The printer itself is small, compact and solid. The only downside is the approx. 8 cm protruding power supply at the rear end of the device. A flush installation on the wall is thus not possible. People who print a lot but should look around for another device as the cost of about 3.8 cents per page is comparatively high. For the private user who does not print very much, such as me, the prices are justifiable

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