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    Brother HL-4070CDW Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, June 14, 11:16:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-06-14T18:16:09Z
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    Printer Driver Download Brother HL-4070CDW

    Brother HL-4070CDW Printer Driver Download. The Brother HL-4070CDW is the top model of the Japanese printer manufacturer's 4000 series at the time of testing. From the already tested HL-4040CN separate this Brother HL-4070CDW not only around 200 euro in the list price, but also a whole range of equipment features. However, the devices do not differ in nominal print performance, both of which reach a maximum of 20 pages per minute in both color and black-and-white. The printer is equipped with an integrated WLAN print server at the factory. The Brother HL-4070CDW printer is equipped with a duplex unit at the factory and offers, besides the standard network connection, an integrated WLAN print server.

    Driver Download Brother HL-4070CDW Printer Installer
    Locally, the Brother HL-4070CDW printer can be controlled via USB, on the front of the housing is also a USB port for directly printing data from USB sticks or compatible cameras. The duplex function can be set as the default setting. The standard paper cassette takes up 250 sheets, in contrast to the entry model, a second in equally large unit can be installed under the first. The Brother HL-4070CDW is written on Postscript Level 3, a language understanding that the HL-4040CN is deprived.

    Brother HL-4070CDW Driver Printer Download
    Brother HL-4070CDW Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother HL-4070CDW Download
    Brother BRAdmin Professional provides the administration of the network printer. The tool supports all SNMP-compatible printers. If Microsoft's IIS is installed, the administration can also be done via the web version of the BRAdmin. The color printing function can be protected by a password lock. The energy saving mode can be adjusted to the own energy and noise preferences. Brother offers the HL-4070CDW consumables in two different capacities. The basic version is good for 2500 pages (black) and 1500 pages (CMY) and is priced at 53 or 70 euros. The printer is equipped with these cassettes even when delivered. Somewhat cheaper it prints with the toner units designated by Brother as "Jumbo".

    Driver Printer Download Brother HL-4070CDW
    These should bring enough toner for 5000 SW pages or 4000 color pages. The black unit is available for 70 euros, the large color cartridges cost around 125 euros. This allows SW pages for under twelve cents to produce under three cents and color pages. On the Brother HL-4070CDW Brother grants a three-year warranty including on-site service as standard. This does not mean that there is no desire for more security. If you want to extend the warranty to four years including on-site service with 48 hours of response time, this can be ordered up to 180 days after the purchase of the device at a surcharge of 415 euros.

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