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    Brother MFC-9440CN Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, June 1, 10:12:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-06-01T17:12:07Z
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    Printer Driver Download Brother MFC-9440CN

    Brother MFC-9440CN Printer Driver Download. Of the price-performance ratio, I'm satisfied after about 1500 printing. Let's see when the first toners are changing. I had a problem with black dots on each side, but I could fix the developer home with the help of the Brother homepage with cotton swab cleaning. I hope this does not happen too often. The Brother MFC-9440CN menu I find not very clear some buttons I miss: eg: Paper selection box when copying. The first page takes an eternity until it is printed. I have always used Brother laser equipment in the past. I am always very satisfied. But the Brother MFC 9440 is a disaster. The toner consumption has multiplied compared to the predecessors, although our pressure has probably not changed significantly. In addition, the device always makes problems.

    Driver Download Brother MFC-9440CN Printer Installer
    So the Brother MFC-9440CN is very happy to stick, so leaves colorful spots on the paper, which looks very unattractive. Then every time my service technician has to come and clean the device. As a rule, the problem starts again after 2 to 3 weeks. Thankfully, my dealer has now offered to take the device in payment and to offer us an Epson device in exchange. I'll probably accept that. If the device is good I will probably buy Epson in the future. To make the evaluation complete: Functional, the device is in order. The warm-up time is unfortunately extremely long, but this is surely due to the tendency to save energy. Otherwise it does what it should. If the device would not make the above problem would keep it. But this is intolerable.

    Brother MFC-9440CN Driver Printer Download
    Brother MFC-9440CN Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother MFC-9440CN Download
    After I have the Brother MFC-9440CN printer now a three-year has in use I can only report positive. I have a little more than 1,200 pages printed. By the way, the toner holds between 1,500 / 2,500 pages (black TN-130 cartridges) and 4,000 / 5,000 pages (TN-135 cartridges). According to Brother, the transfer unit has up to 50,000 pages, the drum up to 17,000 pages and the residual toner container would have to be replaced after 20,000 pages. The photo print is very good for a color laser and the printer is pleasantly fast. The warm-up time is, by the way, perfectly normal for a color laser. Here I know also the OKI and HP color lasers, which are by no means faster.

    Driver Printer Download Brother MFC-9440CN
    The OKI MFC-9440CN is, by the way, quite compact for a multifunctional printer, because I know other manufacturers significantly worse solutions, and it is solidly processed. In the company we have been using a black-and-white MFC from Brother for 3.5 years already and had so far not once problems. And Brother also gives 3 years on-site warranty on the printer (register on the Brother website do not forget!) I bought the printer with a base cabinet and can only recommend it. Then you have the right place for the paper and the replacement toner.

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