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    Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, June 25, 9:35:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-06-26T04:35:08Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011

    Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 Printer Driver Download. I subjected the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 different speed tests. A standard business letter with monochrome logo we impressing twenty times, clocked down to 15 ppm. The speed that specifies Epson on the basis of the ISO / IEC 24734 therefore appears to be correct. An Excel spreadsheet containing four worksheets rolled out of the printer in 27 seconds. A picture of 10 x 15 prints took eight seconds. The same photo print a full A4 page, took just 16.5 seconds. All measurements were performed with HP Office paper A4, 80g / m². The Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 prints are very smart and very strong approach the quality of a laser. Now, a connoisseur can still distinguish both print, but the Epson performs very well. Nor does the printing sweep when using a highlighter or a drop of water.

    Driver Download Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 Printer Installer
    The photos were very nice print on office paper. This Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 is very well priced 169.00 euros. I also give the Eiffel prices inks note: XL Black 2.4k: 27,91 euro, XL Cyan 2k: 27,49 euro, XL Magenta 2k: 27,49 euro and XL Yellow 2k: 27.49 euros. Epson also offers larger cartridges (XXL) and smaller cartridges (L) on. An additional 250 sheet paper drawer will cost 79 euros. All prices are excluding VAT and shipping. Epson provides 12 months on-site warranty on the unit. My calculations show that the cost of the page Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 an average of 13.5 cents average is 5.3 cents for monochrome documents with an average of 5% coverage.

    Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 Driver Printer Download

    Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 Download
    I keep my calculation also takes into account the purchase price of the device and the four Eiffel Tower XL cartridges. The price per page is rather average, but for an inkjet or quite inexpensive. Laser printers, especially those of the business type, but on average still lower cost per page . The previous calculation of the page cost was wrong. With a cost per page of 5.3 cents (excl. VAT) for ordinary inkjet papers this is as cheap or even cheaper than the average laser printer. According to the manufacturer the device consumes approximately 22 watts in operation and in sleep mode 2 watts. Off I measured a consumption of 0.7 watts and 2.8 watts in idle mode.

    Driver Printer Download Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011
    In practice, spent the Epson Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 during my test between 5.3 and 25.9 watts. Slightly more than the manufacturer specifies so. The Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 is a real workhorse. This business inkjet delivers great prints at a reasonable speed andfor an inkjet reasonable a page on the cost level or even better an average laser printer. Ideal for small workgroups and offices. The installation is very simple and, moreover, the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4011 printer also supports printing via e-mail and Apple AirPrint. The design is in my opinion is not successful, but each to its own. Finally, you can enjoy one-year on-site warranty, so the Epson device in your home or office is repaired against defects occur.

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