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    Pantum P3500DN Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, June 8, 10:35:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-06-08T17:35:25Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Pantum P3500DN

    Pantum P3500DN Printer Driver Download. Pantum P3500DN laser printers seem to get a little out of style, because today's color is full of the trend. However, anyone who sees the toner bills then will be glad that there are also printers, which are very cheaply print, like the Pantum here. But in sequence: The Pantum P3500DN comes packaged professionally and is attached with the covers, etc. with adhesive tape. Even the exposure unit has an orange plastic corset, which has to be removed first. Already there comes the feeling as if one had thought a lot with Pantum. For the unpacking and removal of the plastic parts up to the integration into the net, the attached large format German manual is a great and precise help.

    Driver Download Pantum P3500DN Printer Installer
    Here, too, one realizes that the Pantum people probably had more in mind, the customer the fast euro from the cross. The Pantum P3500DN installation ran with me under Window 7 / 64 problem-free. After the installation I looked for updates on the Pantum site. The update for the firmware I have, one comes a version further. I have not updated Pantum P3500DN printer drivers, because the version numbers differed only at 00.00.01 and, and that is the main thing, one had to first download a printer driver installer. This is so tragic with the included CDs: Once the device is at the customer, the CD is out of date.

    Pantum P3500DN Driver Printer Download
    Pantum P3500DN Driver Download

    Printer Driver Pantum P3500DN Download
    I just do not understand why the CD is not made so that the installation routine automatically checks for updates on the web pages and then installs the right versions. The customer first what old install and then updating cumbersome update there would not actually be. But the only thing that is most important is the printing and not the updating. The machine prints like the oiled light, the sheets only shoot from the paper output. The leaves come smooth, not overheated from the printer. The best thing about this Pantum P3500DN printer is the print quality.

    Driver Printer Download Pantum P3500DN
    Suddenly you can see again crisp sharp, sharp and sharper than the expensive hp color laser in the BW setting comes out. I could not find anything negative in the prints. The printer also prints accurately, ie if I set "Powerpoint 10 cm", then that is also 10 cm on the paper. The pressure noise is to be heard but stop so, As a printer is printing. The sounds are by no means annoying. Completely relaxed you can sit back with the printing costs: even the original cartridges costs over 100 euros, but delivers 8000 pages (I could not of course check). So you get then to a little more than 1 cent per print side of toner cost. This is far from color laser prints and hardly to be undercut (of inkjet we do not want to start here).

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