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    Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, June 11, 9:57:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-06-11T16:57:51Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N

    Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N Printer Driver Download. The Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N is the second generation of Ricoh ink-based inks. The liquid sinks only slightly into the paper surface and dries quickly. According to manufacturers, the prints should be more brilliant than the predecessors, thanks to improved pigment gel. My test confirmed that the gel inks were further developed. Especially the colors of pictures and graphics shone more strongly than the predecessor "G700". Nevertheless, they remained paler than in comparable devices. However, I found the strong grid and the visible stripes on larger color areas to be more annoying. There has been little change in letter sharpness. It fell off properly. This is the actual strength of this Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N, even if the performance differed, depending on which printer emulation was selected.

    Driver Download Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N Printer Installer
    The Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N printer worked most quickly when it was controlled with Ricoh's own language (RPCS: Refined Printing Command Stream). For example, a value of 1:18 minutes is absolutely top for our 10-page PDF document. From the PCL-6 driver extended the working time of the printer for the same task to 2:53 minutes a clear difference, but still fast. In both cases, the speed of the device could be increased if the function "Level Color" was activated in the respective Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N drivers.

    Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N Driver Printer Download
    Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N Driver Download

    Printer Driver Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N Download
    Thus, the image portions of a mixed document in the design mode. The Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N is prepared for use in the office with a duplex unit, the USB and Ethernet connections as well as a display. Convenient: The Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N printer provides a counting function for printing. It captures colored and black-and-white documents separately. This supports monitoring the printing costs. Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N consumption: With standard cartridges comes a black and white page to 2.3 cents, a colored sheet to 12.9 cents.

    Driver Printer Download Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N
    The contents of the enclosed cartridges is only for about 400 pages. This Ricoh Aficio GX 3050N is a pure office printer, which is suitable for working groups thanks to Ethernet connection. The speedy operation can be compared with color laser printers of the entry class. This brought the device the speed recommendation of the editorial staff. Due to the pressure technology, however, a ranking in the top list does not apply.

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