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    Ricoh Aficio GX e3300N Driver Download

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    Sunday, June 11, 10:10:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-06-11T17:10:31Z
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    Printer Driver Download Ricoh Aficio GX e3300N

    Ricoh Aficio GX e3300N Printer Driver Download. Operating mode ECOnomy GelSprinter Color is allow to print in color for a price comparable to prints monochrome laser printer. Printers e3300N GX / GX e3350N are designed for color printing in small businesses and home applications. They are also suitable for sharing in small workgroups. The GX e3300N / GX e3350N print at a speed of 29 pages per minute (ppm) in the speed priority mode. Liquid Gel does not penetrate through the paper and the prints do not stain. The paper is to be fed and positioned accurately transfer system. Moving operator panel allows you to read information from a seated position. Full access from the front for easy paper loading and replacement cartridges. In the case of intervention, warning devices send emails for example, when there is no toner or paper.

    Driver Download Ricoh Aficio GX e3300N Printer Installer
    These printers are equipped with a counter that records the number of pages printed in each mode. Information from the counter are also sent by email. This allows administrators to track printer usage and associated costs. Work equipment is clean, because GelSprinter no dust. The standard is also a double-sided printing, reducing paper consumption. With the "Aficio GX e3300N" and the "Aficio GX e3350N", Ricoh is launching two color printers with "GelSprinter" technology. Special feature: Both devices use a viscous gel for printing instead of ink or toner of the result should be water-resistant and sunlight-resistant prints which neither fade nor blur. As a special highlight Ricoh emphasizes the "ECOnomy-Color-Mode", which the GelSprinter master.

    Ricoh Aficio GX e3300N Driver Printer Download
    Ricoh Aficio GX e3300N Driver Download

    Printer Driver Ricoh Aficio GX e3300N Download
    This is to reduce only the color and not the black-and-white layer, in contrast to conventional modes of operation. According to the manufacturer, the technology distinguishes between text / image data and saves the gel when the image is printed, while the text is clearly printed in high quality. In this mode, color prints should cost almost the same as black-and-white prints. Ricoh promises printouts that can be seen. In high-speed mode, A4 printers deliver up to 29 color pages per minute at a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. Another plus is the duplex function, the sides are printed on both sides and helps to save paper.

    Driver Printer Download Ricoh Aficio GX e3300N
    The printers also handle thicker paper thicknesses and can print everything in paper sizes A6 to A4. By means of a bypass function, the printing of banners up to a length of 129.5 centimeters and a width of 21.6 centimeters is possible. The maximum paper supply is 350 sheets. Because of their lower energy consumption and because they do not emit ozone or dust, the devices should not only protect the money bag, but also the environment. The GelSprinter Aficio GX e3300N and Aficio GX e3350N from Ricoh will soon be available in stores. The manufacturer has so far not given any information on the prices.

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