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    Samsung ML-2855ND Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, June 1, 9:46:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-06-01T16:46:05Z
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    Printer Driver Download Samsung ML-2855ND

    Samsung ML-2855ND Printer Driver Download. Samsung still has two faces. Their catalog displays both "new generation" printers, with innovative and very attractive looks, such as the ML-1630W. But also very classic printers like this 2855ND. It is a network model (wired, there is no Wi-Fi) duplex, monochrome. Its characteristic: it is also very fast, 28 pages per minute! Convenient, it has two paper trays, one of 250 pages and one in the back of 50 sheets. This feature can be useful if you regularly use a second paper size. Samsung ML-2855ND boasts 64 MB of memory (it is pruned for groups of about ten people), it is compatible PS3, PCL6, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux!

    Driver Download Samsung ML-2855ND Printer Installer
    The Samsung ML-2855ND printer supports the 28 pages per minute (ppm) promised by Samsung, in draft and standard mode, and 12.5 ppm double-sided on our test document. The first page comes out in 9 seconds and it's below average. Samsung ML-2855ND very fast sends its pages with good quality output. The difference with printers offered at half price is significant. Now, compared to other products at this price level, it's less impressive. Facing it, the Lexmark C540n ensures even cleaner and more precise outputs with additional color if needed. Samsung is limited to black and white. This choice of monochrome is a desire for some: this avoids abuses in company.

    Samsung ML-2855ND Driver Printer Download
    Samsung ML-2855ND Driver Download

    Printer Driver Samsung ML-2855ND Download
    In addition, what is lost on one side is compensated (but is this useful?) By a higher throughput: Lexmark goes up to "only" 20 pages per minute, against 28 ppm for this Samsung. These are 3 to 4 times faster than medium / high-end inkjet printers. The Lexmark E260dn provides even faster outputs (33 ppm) and a similar quality (with a slight advantage for Lexmark if you're looking for a small beast), but as you can see below, Samsung is more Economic use. The photo mode obviously has no interest on a monochrome product. However, if images come to illustrate your documents, they will come out well in tones and intensity of black. Yet many details are hidden.

    Driver Printer Download Samsung ML-2855ND
    The Samsung ML-2855ND printer is not especially noisy, but some models of the competition, like Canon, does a little better. Its cost per page is very low with the high-capacity cartridge. The Samsung ML-2855ND printer comes with a 2,000 page start-up cartridge: the standard-size cartridge. If you choose to buy this cartridge, the cost per page is a bit more expensive than the average. However, you can opt for the other reference, the high capacity version, which reduces this cost by 30% and ultimately makes this printer a very fast and economical model.

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