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    Samsung SCX-4600 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, June 3, 11:30:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-06-03T18:30:55Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Samsung SCX-4600

    Samsung SCX-4600 Printer Driver Download. The SCX-4600 is a premium all-in-one laser. It prints in "laser quality", dear to professionals, it scans, it photocopies in monochrome. But price mini obliges, it does not do more. Understand that it is not network-compatible or Wi-Fi. In reality, the model received for testing was not the SCX-4600, but its clone, the Dell 1133. The American manufacturer attaches its logo to it, and possibly tinkers with some small details on the driver's side. In no case can there be any major difference between the two models.

    Driver Download Samsung SCX-4600 Printer Installer
    Do not expect any miracles: like the 1133, the 4600 will output its 22 pages per minute, but the first will be long to go out (21 seconds if the printer was in standby, 14 seconds if it came out of a previous job). The gray levels will be darkened from normal mode, the scanner is bad enough and logically degrades the quality of the copies. The Samsung SCX-4600 printer consumes little if any work, 260 watts approximately, but a little too much to my taste in standby (7 watts). It is rather silent: 51 dB. This is well below the average laser printers, always above the inkjet models (which sometimes go down to 45 dB).

    Samsung SCX-4600 Driver Printer Download

    Samsung SCX-4600 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Samsung SCX-4600 Download
    With each manufacturer being free of charge, Samsung and Dell can play on the price of the cartridge to take advantage of the clone. However, they both start on a level playing field, with within the printer what the manufacturers modestly call a starter cartridge. Understand: a cartridge emptied by more than half, since it contains only 700 pages of toner, when the replacement cartridge rises to 1500 pages. Note that if the Dell printer evokes a high capacity cartridge (2,500 pages of battery life), Samsung does not mention it in the characteristics of the 4600.

    Driver Printer Download Samsung SCX-4600
    The Samsung SCX-4600 and the Dell 1133 are identical. Only change the logo on the printer and its price. The Dell 1133 is still sold at a high price, while in late 2010, Samsung liquidates its 4600 at half price. It's a great deal as long as there's still some! Overall, it is fast, consumes little and makes little noise. Otherwise, it is a basic model, unpretentious, which draws a little too dark and a little too expensive to the page.

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