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    Samsung SCX-6345N Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, June 3, 11:49:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-06-03T18:49:17Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Samsung SCX-6345N

    Samsung SCX-6345N Printer Driver Download. This Samsung SCX-6345N printer should replace with me a getting old combination of HP Laserjet 4plus and a Scanjet. I had already asked for the OCR functionality in advance (among others). The Samsung SCX-6345N printer can also be configured directly via Ethernet without a USB cable. The printer starts flashing quickly and is again in standby mode after printing. The scanning quality (especially with documents) is very good, very fast (especially in 200 dpi), the software included on the enclosed CD contains an OCR option, which can be directly installed.

    Driver Download Samsung SCX-6345N Printer Installer
    The Samsung SCX-6345N printer then scans directly into a PDF (text + image) in two steps, which, in addition to scanning, contains the recognized text passages and can therefore be fully text-indexed. With which Windows file search is found. You can also scan in Word, RTF or even text files, but I do not need that. In addition, the software can convert scanned multi-page documents directly into e-books and perhaps handy if you want to read long-length paper documents at leisure on holiday.

    Samsung SCX-6345N Driver Printer Download
    Samsung SCX-6345N Driver Download

    Printer Driver Samsung SCX-6345N Download
    Samsung Mobile Print on a Samsung Galaxy Note3 works fine with this printer right away from the gallery, mail or the browser something to print, is trivial and a maximum of twice tap on the touch screen. What I did not know: this also works with the scanner; Documents on the single sheet feeder or on the document glass can also be scanned directly onto the mobile phone, where they can then, for example, be mailed or placed in the dropbox without the PC having to be switched on between.

    Driver Printer Download Samsung SCX-6345N
    The ID copy function, which consists of two images of the two sides of an ID card or the like. Automatically makes a DIN A4 copy with both recordings, is practical, but certainly not the central feature. In my opinion, the printer is the perfect solution for private document management at home, while being compact, quiet and economical. I'm excited.

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