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    Brother HL-4040CDN Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, July 20, 7:29:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-07-21T02:29:24Z
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    Printer Driver Download Brother HL-4040CDN

    Brother HL-4040CDN Printer Driver Download. I bought the Brother HL-4040CDN printer as a replacement for a B / W printer. It is my first color laser, so I miss the comparison with other such devices. The Brother HL-4040CDN installation was easy, the device was recognized immediately, software installation was problem-free, but I downloaded the software, because my CD drive is currently defective. The note that one should keep the cardboard box, if one should send again the device is in the face of the monstrous cardboard rather putzig than helpful. The Brother HL-4040CDN printer has immediately printed via the network connection. The necessary settings can be made quickly. The time between power-up and initial pressure is longer than expected. Then, however, the printer prints very quickly.

    Driver Download Brother HL-4040CDN Printer Installer
    The Brother HL-4040CDN print quality in B / W is excellent and sharp. The colors are not overly strong and can not take it as expected with a real photo print. For presentations and graphics the print is more than sufficient. For photo output, however, I did not make any optimization attempts (paper, color saturation etc.) The noise development is enormous compared to the previous device. Up to the first pressure run the fan and the entire transport system, the post-run time is also felt quite long. In standby, the unit is absolutely quiet. The device has a power switch. The relevant components are easily accessible, the toner cartridges can be quickly inserted and removed by the drawer construction. Paper is also easy to load.

    Brother HL-4040CDN Driver Printer Download
    Brother HL-4040CDN Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother HL-4040CDN Download
    The Brother HL-4040CDN is recommended for its price. The startup equipment is significantly longer than comparable HP products, the network connection is very convenient. The noise level is in need of getting used to, especially since it is not just about the fan but rather of the type rather a coffee machine. But I have had bad experiences with inkjet printers, sometimes jammed the print head, often clogged the ink and the refilling did not work, in short, I went to laser printers, first S / W because color printers were for a long time as a laser variant prohibitive. This is no longer the case, but the selection of possible models is very large and it is not easy to get a selection through the thickets of tests and evaluations.

    Driver Printer Download Brother HL-4040CDN
    Finally, I decided for this Brother HL-4040CDN from Brother and can say that I'm fully content with it. The printer is fast and clean and even prints transparencies, which is not always the case for laser printers. The only thing which is negative in this case is that films as output form can not be set up specifically and look great in the expression, But on an OHP less color quality (probably a basic problem with color lasers). However, better results can be obtained with increases in contrast and brightness in the print settings. Altogether a great device, which however needs some space, but it is also worth it. Attention: I got the color cartridges separately the next day and they were not in the pack of the printer itself!

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