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    Brother MFC-8380DN Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, July 19, 7:48:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-07-19T14:48:09Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Brother MFC-8380DN

    Brother MFC-8380DN Printer Driver Download. I now find inkjet printers, for quite different reasons to wean out. So it should create a neat printer, which should also hold longer. The Brother MFC-8380DN arrived long time a go. On Windows 7 64-bit there were no problems with the installation and also the configuration of the software. It was just as easy to install the hardware. Ultimately, the Brother MFC-8380DNmust only be set up, freed from all protective stickers which are attached, the toner cartridge is inserted and the device is connected to the computer either via USB or LAN. The firmware is current, it is 64 MB, I had expected after the description only 32 MB, installed and the manuals and instruction leaflets are exemplary.

    Driver Download Brother MFC-8380DN Printer Installer
    The operation via the LCD menu is intuitive, But you do not need to use it because the printer comes with a quick start menu for the functionality of faxing, printing, copying and scanning. Particularly interesting I find the ADF in the duplex functionality. Finally you can scan the front and the back. The Brother MFC-8380DN fax functionality, which occupies a large space in the manual, I can not evaluate, since I have no normal telephone connection / no telephone system.

    Brother MFC-8380DN Driver Printer Download

    Brother MFC-8380DN Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother MFC-8380DN Download
    The Brother MFC-8380DN printer is also suitable for the small office because of the extensive network configuration and the possibility of configuring various permissions. A full toner cartridge is enough for 25,000 pages, the printer itself is 100. 000 pages without further maintenance. Brother MFC-8380DN informs about the maintenance information. One of many pages, next to the configuration option, which can also be accessed via a browser interface. Of course, it is also possible to configure the device directly, without a PC. One can not enumerate everything that is available in options, configuration options and protocols.

    Driver Printer Download Brother MFC-8380DN
    The manufacturer, in conjunction with the purchase document and a registration, gives 3 years warranty on the device. The compact size is another advantage, and although the device has a duplex ADF scanner. If you want to scan books, you can also use the flat-panel scanner. In addition to the normal paper tray, there is a further paper feed for eg other formats (envelopes, Etc.) can be used. The Brother MFC-8380DN duplex printing is of course also available and if the 250 sheets of plain paper should not be enough as a supply, there is still a lot of accessories. All in all, I have a very positive first impression.

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