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    Canon Pixma MG4170 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, July 27, 7:15:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-07-27T14:15:07Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Canon Pixma MG4170

    Canon Pixma MG4170 Printer Driver Download. The multifunction printer Canon Pixma MG4170 uses the same cartridges as the already tested Canon Pixma MG3150 and has similar features with WLAN and duplex unit. The difference is made by the foldable preview display and the memory card slots. In addition, the MG4170 handles Pixma CloudLink and can access the online photo albums of the manufacturer without a PC. In addition to the WiFi 802.11n wireless interface, the Canon printer provides a USB port as a basic feature. The multifunctional device prints, scans and copies. It can not fax. The control panel offers separate buttons for black-and-white and color copies. And the Scan can be lifted at the hinges, in order to digitize even thick templates plan.

    Driver Download Canon Pixma MG4170 Printer Installer
    Both are not self-evident in this price class. Basically, the Canon model is not exactly blessed with record-breaking worksteps. Interestingly, however, in the test, the print jobs in the WLAN mode do a bit faster than via the USB connection. The duplex mode is time-intensive, as 10 pages show grayscale letter in 3:37 minutes. The scanning unit works quite fast. The copying process also benefits from this. The multifunction Canon Pixma MG4170 printer produces a balanced print in color. In difficult areas, such as skin tones, however, it overcomes reds.

    Canon Pixma MG4170 Driver Printer Download
    Canon Pixma MG4170 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG4170 Download
    In addition, even at the highest resolution, a raster remains visible in images. In scanning, the colors are quite bright: this is good for the detailed drawing of scans. However, the red and blue tones that are too strong are less good. At the same time, both scans and copies are rapidly losing depth. The Canon Pixma MG4170 printer uses four colors, which in the case of red, blue, yellow in a cartridge are accommodated. At the same time, the cartridge and the print head form a unit. Even with long-range cartridges, the cost is 4.2 cents for the black and 6.3 cents for the colored sheet. The Canon Pixma MG4170, on the other hand, did not have any energy.

    Driver Printer Download Canon Pixma MG4170 
    Thus it switched in the rest mode to 2.7 watts, the timed down to 0 watts. With WiFi, however, the device requires a standby power of 5.6 watts and does not come below 3.8 watts in sleep mode. The multifunction device Canon Pixma MG4170 makes at home a good figure, if not too much is printed and copied. This is because the cartridges are printed too quickly at higher throughput and the side costs are too high. However, if you only need occasional services, the Canon model is equipped with a WiFi and a duplex unit for a good price.

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