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    Kyocera FS-C2526MFP Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, July 23, 7:42:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-07-24T02:42:13Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Kyocera FS-C2526MFP

    Kyocera FS-C2526MFP Printer Driver Download. This Kyocera FS-C2526MFP was carried me from Hermes to the office (which is important, the carton is bigger than one thinks and would be very difficult to handle alone). The facility is uncomplicated except for the lack of all connecting cables. Kyocera does not provide either a USB or a network cable. Of course, almost everyone will say now, that one has eh at home, I find it nevertheless somewhat strange, that one at this price not at least a USB cable with. The Kyocera FS-C2526MFP installation instructions are very good, you can use the device without problems.

    Driver Download Kyocera FS-C2526MFP Printer Installer
    The supplied toner has a total of 3600 pages. The only thing that proved to be problematic was the printing of envelopes. I had to try a lot, Until I found which the temperature of the printer had grown. Many have waved by the heat effect during the printing process. This problem naturally did not exist before, the predecessor of the device was an Officejet pro 8600. The command center of Kyocera is not as intuitive to use as the EWS of HP. Kyocera FS-C2526MFP setting different network paths was much easier. Other little things are always in the eye.

    Kyocera FS-C2526MFP Driver Printer Download
    Kyocera FS-C2526MFP Driver Download

    Printer Driver Kyocera FS-C2526MFP Download
    This is certainly also in the nature of the matter, the manufacturer assumes, of course, that most users a service contract or similar. You can buy various additional programs for the printer, which then take over the various tasks. Among other things, a solution that scans directly into a Google Drive account. The whole is, however, only to be purchased and installed by dealer, which makes this solution for me not practical. You can set up quick dial destinations for the network scan.

    Driver Printer Download Kyocera FS-C2526MFP
    Here, the user can simply use his sync folder to dropbox or similar. set up. Attention at the place, I unfortunately had an umlaut in my user of the scanning on my PC. This does not work with the function at all. The archiving of invoices, documents, etc. goes with this device very fast and the promised printing performance is also achieved. All around a perfect device for my home office.

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