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    OKI C532dn Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Tuesday, July 4, 7:55:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-07-04T14:55:12Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download OKI C532dn

    OKI C532dn Printer Driver Download. For almost 180 euros I could order this device with a market attendant and I am thrilled. The first OKI C532dn had bright stripes in the print image from top to bottom, so I had the device immediately returned and ordered a new one. The second device is then OK. Something like this can always happen when you consider how the devices are thrown at the package service. The OKI C532dn print quality of graphics and text is truly remarkable for a device in this price class. If you want to squeeze the last, you can put in the OKI C532dn printer driver to 1200 dpi and, if necessary, picture smoothing.

    Driver Download OKI C532dn Printer Installer
    There are also many functions for color management with ICC profiles offered. I have not seen anywhere else. For 40 euros one receives "in the bay" a WLAN module, Which is very easy to install. Connection over 5GHz works very well. The OKI C532dn display is very informative and the control panel has more buttons than other manufacturers, so the operation is comfortable. You can also configure the printer via web browser and simply enter the IP address.

    OKI C532dn Driver Printer Download

    OKI C532dn Driver Download

    Printer Driver OKI C532dn Download
    The OKI C532dn web interface is only in English. I have not found a place where I could change the language. Conclusion: You get a full color laser printer at a low price, which can even process Postscript (-> important for graphic designers!), Very good print quality delivers and pleasantly fast in 1GB memory is already an announcement. Disadvantage is perhaps the somewhat small paper cassette for 150 sheets.

    Driver Printer Download OKI C532dn
    You can buy up to 2 additional 550 inch paper cartridges, but these are quite expensive, compared to other manufacturers' cartridges, with over 200 euros. Toner costs are comparatively moderate with toner and ink you should always look for the latest special prices in the Internet. Ideal o is here your friend. A similar print quality I get in this price range perhaps still from HP printers, however, these are slower especially when larger graphic data are printed and toner price per page significantly higher, less stable. All other printer manufacturers do not offer devices with Postscript in this price class.

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