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    Xerox Phaser 6115MFP Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Tuesday, July 25, 7:10:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-07-25T14:10:27Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Xerox Phaser 6115MFP

    Xerox Phaser 6115MFP Printer Driver Download. The Xerox Phaser 6115MFP does not exceed the competitor in all respects, there is also a "shortage", there is no USB port on the front panel that supports the PictBridge standard and is intended for direct printing from cameras and external media. But this model has a network adapter, which allows you to use the MFP in a workgroup, united by a local network. If we continue the comparison of the passport characteristics, it turns out that the Xerox apparatus in monochrome mode has more than twice the life of the photoconductor (20,000 versus 45,000 pages), although for the color mode the figures are comparable (10,000 versus 11,200 pages).

    Driver Download Xerox Phaser 6115MFP Printer Installer
    Using the regular screening method, with clean (unmixed) colors, the Xerox Phaser 6115MFP demonstrated that it can transmit almost all grades of CMYK paints with color except for the two most intense yellow shades. With color copying, like most other devices, it uses rasterization with the mixing of colors. In this mode, he also copes well with the reproduction of the scales, but the lightest shades are hardly visible. In this "exercise" Xerox Phaser 6115MFP takes the second place, losing to Samsung CLX-3160N. In monochrome copying, again, like many competitors, this device uses the method of stochastic rasterization, but the result is not so good and corresponds only to the fourth place. But with thin hatching during copying, this device coped with "excellent".

    Xerox Phaser 6115MFP Driver Printer Download

    Xerox Phaser 6115MFP Driver Download

    Printer Driver Xerox Phaser 6115MFP Download
    With color printing, hatching was a weak point, and text, on the contrary, was reproduced better than most competitors. In the performance tests, the Xerox Phaser 6115MFP proved to be good at printing and scanning, and when copying it was not so convincing against the background of competitors, although it would be unfair to call it sluggish. According to the overall performance evaluation, this model took the second place. The evaluation received for the functional equipment, I corresponds to the third position, but for convenience of use the device was the leader, including due to the lowest cost of the print (1.47 cents).

    Driver Printer Download Xerox Phaser 6115MFP
    But this is still not enough to circumvent the Samsung CLX-3160N on the total evaluation for functionality and convenience, because the mass-dimensional characteristics of this competitor a weighty argument. In general, the convincing achievements of the Xerox Phaser 6115MFP model were somewhat overshadowed by the high price, which reduced to 1 point the price for the price justification, and up to 3, the final evaluation of the editorial staff. Nevertheless, there are many buyers who are ready to overpay for the strengths of this device, among which one of the most important and the economy of the press.

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